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  1. Senfret

    Questions & Mysteries Orochi's death

    How many times has Orochi been slayed?, he has an Hydra DF so he should survive until his last "head/life" is removed but I lost the count, can someone please provide panels? I think it's been at least 6 times
  2. Senfret

    Speculations Nika's laughter / Pleasurers laughter / Laugh tale

    Don't you think that there are plenty of implications around DFs and laughter, also modified humans with DF powers that have curly eyebrows and Nika also having the same curly eyebrows... Malfunctioning Smiles that make users unable to not laugh, everyone at Laugh tale couldn't avoid to laugh...
  3. Senfret

    Powers & Abilities Bad Matchups

    It's been a while since my last post, this time I would like to know in your opinion which weaker character could beat stronger ones due to their special abilities, or at least stall them properly. for example Buggy Vs Mihawk. Corazón Vs Apoo. Crocodile Vs Magellan. Sugar Vs everyone This topic...
  4. Senfret

    Speculations Chapter 1000 Queen's WTF neck

    I don't know if someone else noticed it before... this panel is from chapter 1000 Discuss, I have no clue, may it be due to Queen's extreme modifications?
  5. Senfret

    Speculations Last SH's training arc before BB last fight

    I woke thinking that could be cool to see a real fight Zoro against Sanji, and then I realized that It could actually happen if they know wich BB crewmember they will fight and train against eachother to boost their respective lacks in Coo and CoA. Also I would like to see Luffy training with...
  6. Senfret

    Speculations Sword and Dragon's past

    Well, I've been thinking about how much Garp desired his grandson to be a Marine; It's not farfetchted to think that his son Dragon at some point was marine too. So, how remote do you think the chance is that the members of sword are somehow conected to the revolutionaries? I think, that if...
  7. Senfret

    General & Others Stands in OPverse and DF in JoJo's verse

    I've been rereading Jojo's cos' Covid19... The title is kinda selfexplanatory, I really love how balanced the powers are in both verses, and I whould enjoy if you pick any character from either one of them and especulate wich DF or Stand should the character had in your opinion. For example...
  8. Senfret

    Speculations Carrot... what about her? Is Shishilian the another traitor?

    I made this poll to know about your opinions about carrot, Idk if there's another post for it, I probably should have searched first :shame:(me encanta que gastéis a risitas como meme) that's why I merged it with this speculation topic muahahahaha!!! I'm a genius... pls report/close it/me if it...
  9. Senfret

    Speculations That unfinished Toast...

    It might be just me, but don't you think that it was odd when Luffy postponed the toast? I somehow still see deathflags for our beloved Jimbei I hope to be wrong though
  10. Senfret

    Speculations Wedding cake plot is not over...

    No joking, I actually think that Sanji could end up turning BM an ally with another cake like how Nami does with Zeus. Being Zeus a part of her soul couldn't this be a foreshadowing of how it will end?