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    Powers & Abilities What happened to Hiryu Kaen's Blue Flames ?

    zoroturds and sanjifarts scaling aura colours :crazwhat:
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    Character Discussion Garp respect thread

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    Powers & Abilities Is Rayleigh a Confirmed ACoC User Now?

    Lol Zenox it's literally an indication of basic CoC.
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    Powers & Abilities Is Rayleigh a Confirmed ACoC User Now?

    Oda started using lightning to depict basic CoC; this isn't evidence. But it's pretty obvious Rayleigh has advCoC so it's not like we need to speculate...
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    Powers & Abilities Debunking Literally Every Argument Against Ryokugyu’s Black Blade

    Seems like most ppl voting no are either yonko fans or zoro fans....
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    Character Discussion A reason to why Kaido didn't use Awakening..

    Awakening happens when your body and mind catch up with your powers. -Kaido himself Kaido and Big Mom are two people with extremely unstable minds. Both of them don't have awakening, and both of them go on nonsensical rampages (Kaido is a drunkard, Big Mom and her hunger pangs). This is my...
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    Future Events Sanji's power is in a supposed transformation, not in RS.

    Considering Sanji did get a transformation and destroyed the raid suit, this was a good theory. Ifrit Jambe is also the result of Sanji's anger and passion.
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    Character Discussion Zoro is immune to Boa's powers

    This is something everyone should already know
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    Character Discussion Characters you have trouble understanding how people like

    The fact that I've met not 1, but 2 dedicated X Drake fans still shocks me.
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    General Nostalgia Thread

    I miss Bionicle
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    Powers & Abilities [Poll] What Is Zoro's Asura?

    CoC manifestation unique to someone with an entirely combat focused goal. 1662226743 Swords are also pretty mystical in one piece, especially the way they interact with haki flow.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1058 Spoilers Discussion

    basic CoC wow!!!
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1058 Spoilers Discussion

    Your avatar is so sick dang