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  1. thodoris5321

    Current Events Franky is a valuable asset to the crew is confirmed again

    Don't forget he's a lunarian. In this chapter we see him put his fire on and off just like King did, and remember that even Zoro couldn't damage King when he had his fire on.
  2. thodoris5321

    Speculations Warp Warp no mi (teleportation fruit) first time we see it? (or not?)

    So in the last chapter we are shown a bunch of new devil fruit powers which Blackbeard's crew use now. One of the fruits being used is Van Auger's warp warp no mi that allows him to teleport himself and others. But is it the first time we actually see this ability being used? Now, i will take...
  3. thodoris5321

    Speculations Why WG would go after Vegapunk?

    So, last chapter we see CP0 state they plan on killing Dr. Vegapunk, but why would they do that to their most useful ally? Lucci states that it might have to do with "Lulusia Incident" After seeing today's chapter, my mind immediately thought that what we speculated was Uranus that destroyed...
  4. thodoris5321

    Future Events Seastone & Darkness Luffys next obstacle….

    I keep reading about Luffy to must learn how to use something like "Gear 0" or "Gear Reverse" in order to nullify Blackbeard's df, but where will the fun be in their fight if this happens? Oda has shown us that there is a way around that, and that's by using the haki Hyogoro learned to Luffy...
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    Future Events Is Sanji vs Ryou even more likely after Wano

    I want Sanji to fight Kizaru, i think this fits more in the story so far. Green bull can be taken down by Jinbe, it would be nice to see how Jinbe can manipulate water around him in offense vs GB. Last i would like Zoro to defeat Akainu (yes more than i like Luffy to do it) i want Zoro to...
  6. thodoris5321

    Questions & Mysteries Why does Mihawk have an higher bounty compared to Buggy

    It's a gag, Oda made the guild structure be, 1st in command Buggy, 2nd Crocodile and 3rd Mihawk, while the powerscale is the other way around, showing that Zoro will also defeat a yonko level character without being a yonko character. WG doesn't have a fight history for Buggy to place his...
  7. thodoris5321

    Questions & Mysteries How do you live without logic?

    I don't really know, how Law with the most overpowered DF that Oda had to nerf for this arc, did bring down a Yonko with the help of a partner of the same level like him. I don't know. You tell me. :seriously:
  8. thodoris5321

    Powers & Abilities Prime (Xebec/Roger/WB) low diff Akainu . POLL

    In this forum most of the people troll, you can't have a serious thread, especially about powerscaling. Oda has created most of the admirals different than the yonko and some others like Garp. Of course the admirals, Akainu included, are not as strong as the yonko at their prime, but they pose...
  9. thodoris5321

    Questions & Mysteries If Katakuri becomes Yonko...

    It was when Blackbeard defeated the remaining Whitebeard pirates with Marco leading, that Blackbeard was labeled as a Yonko. So i don't think there's much to argue here.
  10. thodoris5321

    Speculations Zoro is from Orochis clan

    Would be.. something.. i guess. But everything points at him being a Shimotsuki.
  11. thodoris5321

    Future Events ZKK is gonna happen soon guys!

    I'm not supporting ZKK theories, but Kaido and Big Meme have probably washed out at sea by the explosion.
  12. thodoris5321

    General & Others Where do you think the story is going next?

    Zou boring? I remember after Zou's chapters release in OroJackson forums where each chapter's rating was better than the previous, mindblowing chapters for the time, lots of 5/5 ones.
  13. thodoris5321

    Questions & Mysteries What will happen with Kaido and BM?

    The volcano eraption must have sent them right to the world government ships, and they will be powerless thanks to their defeat plus the boiling from the magma, enough to make it to Impel Down's level 7 (just giving ideas)
  14. thodoris5321

    Character Discussion Hiyori DOES NOT deserve to be Shogun

    At first i was thinking that Yamato would be the shogun of Wano, but when i saw Momo getting 20 years older with Shinobu's powers i changed my mind. You can argue that Momo has the mind of an 8 year old boy, but he has done and got through so much that if he was in the Avatar airbender series he...
  15. thodoris5321

    Questions & Mysteries Will Momonosuke make ame no habakiri black this arc?

    The real question is if Momo is even able to hold Ame no Habakiri this arc or till the end of series. Not even near making the blade black.
  16. thodoris5321

    Questions & Mysteries What does awakened Kaido look like?

    Why should we wait for a special awakened form from Kaido? I thought that the main characteristics of Zoan awakening was the toughness and the ability to recover fast after they're knocked. At least that's what it was stated back at Impel Down by Crocodile. I don't know if that applies for...
  17. thodoris5321

    Powers & Abilities Advanced Haki?

    There are 2 types of ACoA that further expand from the fist. The first one is the extending aura making the attack contactless, while the second one is the aura that enters and destroys the enemy from within. I don't really think we have an explanation yet about the contactless ACoC attacks.
  18. thodoris5321

    Chapter Discussion Did 1046 include a last minute decision by Oda?

    It looked quite the opposite to me. With zunisha's comment, it looked like we are gonna see this matter again later and will understand of how the awakened Nika "Joyboy" affects Luffy.