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  1. seppuku

    Sanji vs Pedro

    Who win the fight? I think Pedro win extreme diff, he beat Tamago who have bounty almost 500 million and very strong fighter of big mom pirates. He also have powerful electro which counter Sanji's DJ
  2. seppuku

    Future Events Smoker in Wano? Any chance?

    Being a character who I liked from start it is sad see him become so under whelming after timeskip. For oda to make him relevant after now he will have to atleast become yc4/3 lvl to go after strawhat. Marine have said they might come, any chance smoker come with them and if he does who do you...
  3. seppuku

    Powers & Abilities How Sanji vs Queen and Zoro vs King play out?

    We almost certain sanji will fight queen and zoro fight king but how will the fights play out. I feel for sanji the fight will start in base with queen in human form and sanji in his normal form exchanging blows with queen then switching to full zoan form. I feel sanji will use rs before queen...