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  1. Sir Yasheen

    Speculations Ennies Lobby may have been built on God Valley

    After seeing the weapon that erased an island last chapter with what appeared to be pure light, it reminded me of what Ennies Lobby looked like. A hole in the middle of the ocean that always shows light. We’ve yet to see the aftermath of where Lulucia Island was and what it looks like now; but...
  2. Sir Yasheen

    Future Events Luffy will get another training arc during the Blackbeard Arc

    I know a lot of people are sick of luffy getting beaten, but I honestly don’t see Luffy beating Blackbeard outright. Blackbeard is Luffys final obstacle before getting to Raftel and if Blackbeard defeats Shanks, who’s haki just seems better than Luffys, then luffy has no chance against...
  3. Sir Yasheen

    Speculations The final arc will mirror Skypeia

    I think in terms of the big character moments of the straw hats many of them will mirror What they did in Skypeia: Luffy - Defeat “God” and show the world proof of a treasure lost to time -> Defeat Imu (or Buggy if he does become the gods of pirates) and show the world the One Piece Zoro -...
  4. Sir Yasheen

    Break Week Will Kaidos or Big Moms Poneglyph tell the location of Ouranus?

    We know Law found a Poneglyph in the basement of Onigashima, and that there were multiple poneglyphs in whole cake island; however we aren’t told what they’re saying all we know is: 1. Oharas Poneglyph - Hinted at the existence of a Great War and even gave hint to the name of the Ancient Kingdom...
  5. Sir Yasheen

    Questions & Mysteries So the Kitetsus were created by the Kozuki?

    So since it’s confirmed that Tenguyama is Sukiyaki and he forged the Kitetsu III while his ancestor forged the Kitetsu II. Does this mean that Gandhi gorosei could be connected to the Kozuki family since he Carries the sandai Kitetsu?
  6. Sir Yasheen

    Character Discussion What is Kuzans role in the story going forward?

    Honestly after seeing Wano, I think Kuzans role in the Blackbeard Pirates is just a very straight forward: He’s Blackbeards ally. He doesn’t have an ulterior motive or secret agenda, he likely joined up with Blackbeard for the sake of his own dream and after the World Government backed a psycho...
  7. Sir Yasheen

    Questions & Mysteries What was Shanks doing with the Gorosei?

    What was shanks’ goal with his meeting with the Gorosei? Personally, I feel he was planning on taking down Blackbeard and was looking to gain assistance from the world government to ensure his downfall. I find it similar to when shanks met with whitebeard to discuss recalling ace because...
  8. Sir Yasheen

    Future Events What is your dream Hype up fights for the BB Pirates?

    Not one you necessarily think will happen, but which would give the best hype for the Blackbeard Pirates: Ideally I'd like a combination of the Red Haired Pirates and the Marines, basically a version of the God Valley fight where Rox comes out the victor: Blackbeard vs Shanks - This fight...
  9. Sir Yasheen

    Speculations The ending of Wano is coming

    Wano is almost over! (Hallelujah) Onigashima raid is about to end in a massive victory for the alliance side; however, is that going to be the end of Wano? I don’t think so. I talked to @Ghostly Reflections and @OnePiss about this in the spoiler thread as well as @Paperchampion23 And...
  10. Sir Yasheen

    Speculations Luffy is going to cause severe pain to Momo or Yamato in this fight with Kaido

    It’s clear that Luffy is not taking this fight as serious since he awakened his fruit and with his intense strength he likely doesn’t think he needs to. In a way it’s a more comical version of Gohan vs Cell. This makes me think, what will Oda do to make Luffy take this fight serious despite...
  11. Sir Yasheen

    Speculations The religion of skypeia and the four gods

    So in Skypeia four gods were mentioned during the sacrifice scene in this order: 1. God of Sun 2. God of Rain 3. God of Forest 4. God of Earth Since we’ve been told who the God of Sun is - Luffy now is it fair to assume the other three will be important. If so, who are they? God of Rain I...
  12. Sir Yasheen

    Powers & Abilities Will Luffy be unable to use his Devil Fruit after G5?

    With Gear 4, Luffy overuses his haki as a means of empowering his Devil Fruit. And as a trade off for using that power he loses his haki for ten minutes Pre timeskip Luffy would use his elastic body to grow to the size of giants with gear 3 and the trade off would be shrinking his body. Like a...
  13. Sir Yasheen

    Chapter Discussion CP0 didn’t use tekkai to protect himself

    There’s a few things we know about tekkai, and we’ve never seen it used offensively like how Bowler Hat used it, so why Tekkai? If he wanted to distract Luffy Wouldn’t Finger Pistol or Storm Kick work better? The answer is because his goal wasn’t to distract Luffy or to hold Luffy down, it was...
  14. Sir Yasheen

    Speculations Smoothies role

    Since Big Mom was taken down by Kid and Law working together, what could be Smoothies role once the BMP land in Wano and realize BM is defeated. I’m thinking she may attempt to kill Kid and Law only to be stopped by Killer and Bepo hence Killer and Bepo vs Smoothie (2v1 like Big Mom)
  15. Sir Yasheen

    Break Week The ancient Weapon Uranus

    I think Elbaf may be the introduction of the ancient weapon Uranus: 1. What Uranus may be: I think Uranus is going to draw its inspiration from Norse Mythology, specifically the weapon of Odin himself, Gungnir. 2. What Uranus will do: As those who know the basics of Norse Mythology already...
  16. Sir Yasheen

    Powers & Abilities Berserk Calamities

    In their fights, we really have yet to see why the Calamities were given the monikers they were. Sure we’ve gotten pieces of it, We’ve seen Jacks destructive nature, we got a glimpse of hell with Queens plagues and we know about Kings fire; however, so far these aspects of them have not been...
  17. Sir Yasheen

    Speculations What will happen to Kid and Law post Wano?

    What is to come of these two post wano. With Luffy and Blackbeard neck and neck to become the pirate king while Kid and Law are very far behind what will happen to these two once wano ends? 1. They take Luffys vivre card and become allies 2. They get taken down by Straw Hats in a future arc 3...
  18. Sir Yasheen

    Questions & Mysteries Did Judge create Germa in its current state?

    There’s still a lot of weird things about Germa 66 but the weirdest is the complete lack of citizens within it. Every person ever seen in germa are clones of just a few main individuals which we know didn’t exist until judge and vegapunk and queen discovered the lineage factor. This spawned...
  19. Sir Yasheen

    Powers & Abilities All of the Monster Trio Counter a Homie From Big Mom

    Luffy - Made of Rubber - Counters Hera Zoro - Learnt to cut Steel - Counters Prometheus Sanji - Body has an exoskeleton - Counters Napoleon Just an interesting thing I noticed, but I can totally see a scenario where the monster trio take down Big Moms homies (like what the rooftop group tried...
  20. Sir Yasheen

    Speculations Can winged races hide their wings?

    On two occasions now individuals have suddenly had or not had wings when they previously had or did not have wings. The first taking place in Marineford, Lafitte in one panel suddenly grew a large pair of white wings but no other part of his body changed, not even his vivre card gave any...