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  1. Sir WanKing

    Speculations Will Hawkins/Apoo join the alliance?

    i'm not a fans of them but with luffy's terrifying power, we learned that many of his foes has turned into his allies... and that dont exclude hawkins/apoo right? so, will they join the alliance? imo hawkins has quite a chance to join because of his df and cards. for apoo, i dont see any sign...
  2. Sir WanKing

    General & Others Most Iconic Moment in OP

    for me it'll always be this (can't wait to see the time he returns the hat tho) and imo for the second place
  3. Sir WanKing

    General & Others Zoro's left eye

    After the time skip, we learned that there are nothing wrong with sanji's eyes thanks to his different hairstyle, despite that many theories about his devil eye etc... will zoro's left eye meet the same fate?
  4. Sir WanKing

    General & Others Who else can use FS beside kata and luffy?

    just like the title did enel and his 4 priests do it? or was it something else? hancock's sister sandersonia also did something like it, and rayleigh? but who else? all yonkos? all admirals?
  5. Sir WanKing

    General & Others Saddest flashback in OP

    imo, the saddest is chopper's flashback, it just kinda hit me in the feelings continuously nonstop, from : - hiluluk driving chopper away - chopper's effort to find the mushroom - founding out the mushroom was deadly poisonous - hiluluk's relief to learn that he was being fooled and nobody was...
  6. Sir WanKing

    General & Others How are buffs and nerfs in OP?

    do u think it is consistent and perfectly based on the story line? or do u think oda just like to throw them inside the story whenever he likes? imo, haki makes it quiet inconsistent, because u dont know whenever one's haki has improved to be greater than another's during a battle, where u can...
  7. Sir WanKing

    General & Others Why is Gin Overrated?

    i love gin, but it seems like people love him too much that he kinda got overrated... it's not just because the speculation of him being one of the F6 members that happened recently, but i remember that gin was also speculated to be the 7th warlord before weevil got introduced considering...
  8. Sir WanKing

    Speculations Did Portgas D. Rouge have Gomu-Gomu fruit?

    well, that would answered why she could carried ace for 20 months inside her stomach... it may sounds dumb, but imo there's nothing wrong with this theory ps : imo she's the best mother in OP besides belle-mere and sora
  9. Sir WanKing

    General & Others Who is The Most Replaceable Member in SHC?

    just like the title avoid posting hate comments without any logical reasons / explanations pls! (especially zoro & sanji hate boys lol)
  10. Sir WanKing

    Future Events What does Elbaf look like?

    im no talkin bout the story here, im talkin bout the ISLAND as soon as SH entered grand line and all the way to the new world, each island has its own iconic things, such as : - whiskey peak : giant cactus - little garden : prehistoric things - alabasta : sand (ofc) - skypiea : white sea, gold...
  11. Sir WanKing

    Questions & Mysteries What was the point of BM's memory loss??

    it kinda bug me till now, but what's the point of showing her losing her memory? at first, i was kinda hyped thinking it was something big, and maybe BM will be our alliance, but after just a couple chapters, she got her memory back only because of queen's attack?? i think her alliance with...
  12. Sir WanKing

    RS Sanji vs MF Marco

    1 VS 1 Location : whitebeard hometown who is the better blonde?
  13. Sir WanKing

    General & Others How strong is Nightmare Luffy?

    imo receiving 100 shadows and gained 100 other person's skills in one sec, seems like a cheating power-up... but regardless, is it Yonko Commander level? who can it take high/extreme diff at best?
  14. Sir WanKing

    General & Others Favorite F6

    F6 members is very popular despite being new characters that only has been introduced for a couple chapters... this is my fav F6 tier list : 1. who's who : his legs, and his last smile was badasssss 2. black maria : love her design, immediately become my top 5 waifus 3. uruti : her behaviour is...
  15. Sir WanKing

    Speculations How will Shanks react to Bartolomeo burning his flag and change it to SHP logo?

    How will shanks react to this? i just can't imagine it at all...
  16. Sir WanKing

    General & Others Is there any better manga than One Piece?

    For me, OP it's the best, but opinions can be different.. what is yours? and if you do have any manga than u think better than one piece, pls recommend it in the comment, including some comparison would be great too
  17. Sir WanKing

    General & Others Best waifu in One Piece?

    i've heard that okama sanji is quite popular LOL seriously tho, who's your best waifu?
  18. Sir WanKing

    General & Others What If Wano Luffy fought in Marineford?

    In another universe, the one who fought in Marineford was Wano Luffy Luffy can use all of the techniques up to the latest chapter in manga (Gear 4, FS, etc) Everyone else in MF was the same level as they were (pre-TS) How would it change? would ace be free? would WB still die?
  19. Sir WanKing

    Current Events Ace's role in Wano

    Has Oda really brought back Ace to the story out of nowhere, without any foreshadowing, just to have such an insignificant role as to deepen the bond between luffy and tama? i always believe there will be something more of it... it's just not oda's style to bring back dead characters without any...