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  1. Y-foe

    Kingdom chapter 737 OFFICIAL THREAD

    This is just as the spoiler said but I'm really curious about what is gonna happen to Kanki. Everything points to a defeat and death for him but he's the ultimate trickster and if there's any general that can spring a surprise then it's Kanki
  2. Y-foe

    Theory Kouyoku would reach Great General status by gaining Kanshou!

    Bakuya sword kouyoku was being pressured by Ouhon during coalition arc iirc, I believe Ouhon has always been the strongest amongst the young generation. Shin is catching up now and Kanshou Kouyoku will be on that level as well
  3. Y-foe

    Chapter Discussion Kingdom Chapter 736 Thread

    Thanks for making this, but I now know why we don't get much discussions on chapter threads (that I posted in my thread about no chapter discussions) as we've seen the spoiler for this for weeks now and not much to discuss again
  4. Y-foe

    Duke Hyou's commanders

    His overall soldiers are very good but the top ones have been meh for now especially considering most other GGs having subordinates that are monsters, maybe his army wasn't fleshed out too much because he showed up early idk On a side note, even Ouki's vassals aren't that hot to me apart from...
  5. Y-foe

    Why aren't new chapters being posted here anymore?

    Got it, seems the spoiler being ahead by 2 or 3 chapters is a major reason. Wonder when the translations will be done earlier in this series It deserves so much better
  6. Y-foe

    Why aren't new chapters being posted here anymore?

    Just wanna ask why we don't post chapter discussions here anymore.. I've seen chapter 734 online but the last chapter discussion we had was 731 iirc.. Any reasons as to why?
  7. Y-foe

    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    Kingdom 732 is out
  8. Y-foe

    The meeting between Karin and Man'U

    They might show some of the meeting in a flashback, maybe a bit more detailed than the ouki and renpa meeting They could be a light touch of comedy with man'u and his eccentric personality but it will also be epic as befitting these two characters That is a bit more tricky as Karin can't...
  9. Y-foe

    Kingdom - Chapter 729: A Beautiful Child

    Kanki still wants to win in this situation, that takes some massive balls to even think of.. And I like this situation of rivers and forests instead of the usual plains we see in wars.. Harkens back to Kokuyou arc nicely
  10. Y-foe

    Kingdom - Chapter 723: The Path of the Hi Shin Unit

    Shin isn't behaving like a martial beast in this arc, even Aisen has just shown more Hara needs to do better
  11. Y-foe

    Kingdom - Chapter 722: Acting as One

    She can become a GG but not part of the Qin 6 like Mougou and Duke Hyou
  12. Y-foe

    Kingdom - Chapter 722: Acting as One

    This chapter got me a bit pissed ngl, that old general basically defeated Shin and Shin is supposed to be a powerful combatant now That's the inconsistency of having Shin defeat Houken when he wasn't ready yet 1655545278 There are not too many mangas where you can say plot is saving the...
  13. Y-foe

    Versus Battle Kyokai vs Akou.

    The winner is so blatantly obvious that i don't think it needs to be stated..
  14. Y-foe

    Gaimou vs Gyou'un (duel)

    97 Vs 94, it's obvious who wins And even if you don't want to use stats then their feats and portrayal is wide apart. Gaimou is just too strong
  15. Y-foe

    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    She's already a 5000 man commander, becoming a general is the next step
  16. Y-foe

    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    Wow, Kyoukai was GOATED this chapter. She's been hidden too long and now it's time for China to hear her name, she has the power to rival the monster trio and now it's time for the world to know it. Kyourei should go into her priestess dance too to catch up with kyoukai, and she won't spit out...
  17. Y-foe

    Favorite Weapons?

    The anime is getting better but the season 1 was atrocious, try and read the manga as you won't regret it!
  18. Y-foe

    Kingdom - Chapter 712: The Miraculous Advance

    Will Heki rise to the occasion or falter? And seems Kyourei noticed something, that's why the Hi Shin unit would have been better suited for this job IMO
  19. Y-foe

    Kingdom - Chapter 707: An Undesirable Opponent

    Yeesh, it hurt Shin to kill this guy for Kanki. That's rough, it's a sign of Shin's maturity though And by the way, Shin should be the number 2 hated guy in Zhao after Kanki, dude keeps offing their generals
  20. Y-foe

    One Piece Chapter 1030: The Impermanence of All Things

    kid and law awakening is dope, wonder if they can now beat the GrandMaster 🤔