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  1. AnimeAllen

    Character Discussion Zoro, Law, and Kid...*sigh*

    Mihawk, the World's Strongest Swordsman is a rival to Yonko Shanks. Zoro is the future WSS. Not sure if Law and Kid will ever become Yonko, but they'll forsure be Yonko-level someday. With that being said, I don't understand why Law and Kid stans put them above Zoro. WSS >= Yonko. Is it...
  2. AnimeAllen

    Versus Battle War Arc Kakashi vs King the Wildfire

    Idk who'd win, but I do know they both of them can steal your girl with their masks off xD 1654817382
  3. AnimeAllen

    Versus Battle Zoro vs Kakashi (Clout Edition)

    Who has the greater reputation and gets more respect from characters in their world? 🤔 I love how they both get recognition from the biggest antagonists in their series
  4. AnimeAllen

    Versus Battle Characters who could kill Goku if Goku gave them a free minute to attack?

    Goku stands still for one minute, allowing a weak/weaker character to attack him. Name a character that kills him I'll start off with Hidan from Naruto. But to be honest, I don't know if Hidan would even be able to draw blood from Goku in order to complete the ritual lol The weaker and more...
  5. AnimeAllen

    Versus Battle Akatsuki members vs their One Piece counterpart

    Who wins each matchup? Itachi vs Katakuri (both the most overrated characters in their respective verse imo) Kisame vs Jinbei (sharks obviously) Sasori vs Doflamingo (string users) Hidan vs Killer (scythe users who laugh like maniacs) Those are the only fair matchups I can think of. Like...
  6. AnimeAllen

    Versus Battle Weakling Trio vs Ino-Shika-Cho

    End of Shippuden and up versions of Ino-Shika-Cho. I think they win because Giant Butterfly Mode Choji hard carries This may seem like an unfair matchup, but I needed a One Piece trio to put them against. Putting them against the Monster Trio would’ve been even more unfair 🤣
  7. AnimeAllen

    Questions & Mysteries Roger, Rayleigh, Mihawk, Shanks

    They all use one sword, haki only, no devil fruit. Does that make them too similar in combat? How do you think their fighting styles differ?
  8. AnimeAllen

    Versus Battle Deku vs Rock Lee

    Manga Deku vs Part 1 Rock Lee I got Deku winning forsure. I don’t think Lee is capable of Deku’s feats against Shigaraki in the war arc
  9. AnimeAllen

    Versus Battle Rayleigh vs Jiraiya

    One is a master of all haki types and the other couldn’t even master Sage Mode. So you know who I think wins lol
  10. AnimeAllen

    Versus Battle Eustass Kid vs Gaara

    Red-headed magnetism bois 🧲 Who you got? Kid's best feat: Stopping a Yonko (with one other person's help) Gaara's best feat: Stopping a meteor (with one other person's help) TikTok @animeallen
  11. AnimeAllen

    Questions & Mysteries Are haki levels actually a thing?

    One Piece is a better story than Naruto and Oda is a better writer than Kishi, but Kishi at least made chakra levels much more clear to distinguish throughout Naruto than haki in One Piece. - Kisame was called “The Tail-less Tailed Beast”. - Hashirama stated that KCM2 Naruto had almost of much...
  12. AnimeAllen

    Versus Battle Minato vs Kizaru

    I got Minato winning, for the simple reason that I can't see his genius-level IQ losing to Kizaru's high-acting attitude/demeanor. Weedzaru a$$ 🤣 TikTok - Minato vs Kizaru🔥
  13. AnimeAllen

    Versus Battle Jinbei vs Kisame 💦

    I like Kisame more but Jinbei wins mid-diff. Kisame does so bad against characters from other verses because his kit revolves around chakra absorption/stealing. Other verses don't have chakra 😬
  14. AnimeAllen

    Versus Battle Sanji and Zoro vs Akatsuki Duos 🔥

    GUANTLET Sanji and Zoro vs Hidan and Kakuzu Sasori and Deidara Six Paths of Pain and Konan Itachi and Kisame No info I think Sanji and Zoro beat them all except Itachi and Kisame. Samehada-fused Kisame is a threat but his kit revolves too much around chakra absorption/stealing. Sanji and Zoro...
  15. AnimeAllen

    Fanclub Katakuri hater club?

    I’m kinda new here. Where all my fellow Kat haters at? I can’t stand that overrated fool 😭 Future Sight doesn’t make you God 🤦‍♂️ Zoro, Sanji, Law, Kid, King, Yamato, Marco > Kat. His and WCI Luffy’s levels of power have been left behind and surpassed this arc
  16. AnimeAllen

    Versus Battle Garp vs other punchers 👊

    Garp vs Iron Fist Captain Falcon Knuckles All Might Sakura Saitama In my video, I have Garp beating everyone but Saitama of course. But honestly, I don't know much about Captain Falcon's and Knuckles' feats from their source materials 😅 Please let me know if Garp actually loses to them TikTok...
  17. AnimeAllen

    Versus Battle Sakura vs Yamato

    I’m going to get a lot of hate for this, but anyone who has read Sakura light novels would agree with me that she wins. Extreme diff though. Yamato is a beast too 👍 TikTok - Sakura vs Yamato YouTube - Sakura vs Yamato
  18. AnimeAllen

    Questions & Mysteries Your funniest Naruto moment?! 😂

    There are a lot of funny moments but I don't think there's one that everybody agrees is objectively the funniest Well this one is mine 🤣 TikTok - Shameless Jiraiya No scenes from that chibi Rock Lee show. I never got into that 😂
  19. AnimeAllen

    Versus Battle Zoro vs Naruto swordsmen!

    Not limited to swordsmanship! In my new fire TikTok, I have Zoro losing to Killer Bee and of course Sasuke. What you think? TikTok - Zoro vs Naruto swordsmen Zabuza Mifune Darui Kisame Killer Bee Sasuke
  20. AnimeAllen

    Versus Battle Roger vs Hashirama

    I’m leaning towards Hashirama because I can’t see Roger solo’ing EMS Madara + Kurama 🤷‍♂️ But in my new TikTok, I gave them a tie so that I wouldn’t get flamed 🤣 Roger vs Hashirama - Legends