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  1. Vanlax

    Current Events Final Matchups are Mostly 2v1 Unless BMP Appears

    Kaido vs Yamato -> Kaido vs Luffy+Zoro -Kaido's & Yamato's drama time and flashback -Luffy & Zoro being in similar situation, will fight Kaido together after recovering -Kaido will die with combined Luffy & Zoro attack, Zoro takes last hit (ZKK) or just the combined attack taking...
  2. Vanlax

    Powers & Abilities POLL - Most power drop among the top SH fighters when not fighting with their best form/weapon.

    We've all seen by now that at some point, Luffy, Zoro, Jimbe, Sanji, and Franky have to fight without their best form or weapon. Which do you think among them have the most power drop when they are not fighting with their best form or weapon? Imo base Luffy is quite strong as we've seen in the...