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  1. Boris D. Foot

    General & Others One piece chapter drawn by a different mangaka.

    What One Piece chapter would you pick to see drawn by a different Mangaka?
  2. Boris D. Foot

    Powers & Abilities Inu-Inu no mi model: Fenrir in elbaf

    Do you guys think that a giant could have a Inu-Inu no mi model: Fenrir devil fruit in Elbaf?
  3. Boris D. Foot

    General & Others Marineford remade in the new art style

    If Marineford was remade with the new art style, what do you think should be added or changed?
  4. Boris D. Foot

    Bleach on Disney plus

    Where did this rumor even come about? Lol I wanna see some bleach Disney plus memes now