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  1. Absolute Justice

    Future Events If ZKK doesn't happen then

    Failed to Fulfill Ryuuma comparison Failed to be as big as Ryuma in his own home country (sword god lol) Failed to avenge Ushimaru who is killed by Kaido Failed to cut Kaido to pieces as he says Failed to live to fate when bringing Shusui back (he brought Shusui back so Luffy can win ) Failed...
  2. Absolute Justice

    Character Discussion My Theory Is Coming True

    Zoro will kill Kaido and parallel Ryuuma Momo will hold Onigishma and parallel Oden holding the scabbards Hiroyi will kill Orochi with Oden other sword Luffy will beat Kaido and be the typical golden boy When Zoro kills Kaido, there will be a panel of Hiroyi killing Orochi with it
  3. Absolute Justice

    Anime & Manga Zoro fans reaction to Sanji Chapter 1022

    this will make guys laugh hard