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    Controversial Kanye West is a Nazi?

    I don't think it's fair to put that on the spouse of anyone dealing with several mental illness. That's difficult enough of a situation before you consider that Kany is a channeling the same drive and confidence behind in success in music and fashion into destroying his life and all he has...
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    Controversial Kanye West is a Nazi?

    They treat mental illness in prison. That said, his conduct hasn’t yet reached the level that justifies restriction or taking his liberty. Medication shouldn’t be optional to him anymore though. He needs to be in psych ward.
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    Speculations What’s Sanji’s policy about hitting trans people?

    Trans women are women. No kicks. Crossdressers, transvestites and other male-presenting queer folk will get booted to death.
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    Controversial Kanye West is a Nazi?

    Kanye West is a mentally ill, bipolar narcissist surrounded by enablers. He should not be paneled or platformed by any ethical platform. He says wildly provocative things because he's off his meds and on a bipolar high. It feels good to get a rise out of people. He's in a state of euphoria when...
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    Powers & Abilities The pinnacle of swordsmanship

    Zoro won't peak by the end of One Piece. His journey as the World Strongest Swordsman will continue after the Strawhats disband. He'll be travelling the world, perpetually getting lost and dragged into other people's problems while simply asking for directions.
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    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    I don't buy it. I think Hara will reveal in a flashback - at some point - that Kan Ki tipped his hand with the corpse tree at Gian, and that Ri Boku prepared a trap for his trap.
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    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    I continue to believe Kan Ki's target was the enemy cavalry led by En Kan. If they take out the Zhao cavalry and steal their arms and banners, they can set up a devastating ambush on the Zhao infantry.
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    Speculations Jinbei's bounty will always stay no 3

    Remember when Zoro was always going to be the second highest bounty on the Strawhats?
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    Questions & Mysteries Lets say Zoro doesnt knock out Sanji in end of thriller bark

    Sanji tanked insane attacks even from the likes on Enel. He's always been a durable monster, even before his Germa body modifications awakened. He could crush rocks and bend steel long before he even developed Diable Jambe. Consider the fact he can withstand the pressures of the deep ocean...
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    Questions & Mysteries Jimbei bounty makes no sense

    Oda's a real cunt for it.
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    Versus Battle Tou vs Man'U

    The contents of my post are equally applicable to a duel and a battle scenario.
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    Versus Battle Tou vs Man'U

    Are you confused?
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    Rules Kingdom General Discussion

    I still think Heki ends up joining the Hi Shin Army. He's likely not going to be promoted to Great General. The closest talent he has that puts him there is leadership, but I don't think it's enough.
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    Versus Battle Tou vs Man'U

    Tou wins this. He's more versatile and skilled. He is quite possibly the most skilled swordsman in the series and he's highly intelligent. Brawn will not be enough and Man'U doesn't have many advantages beyond his size and strength.
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    What was the minimum level needed to be brought into Juuko?

    Because Shou Mou, for all his shortcomings, possessed monstrous strength. DRM and Rihaku don’t possess monstrous anything. The Chu do not lack for strategic minds to begin with, but a state can have never have too much firepower.
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    Rules Kingdom General Discussion

    He Ki the Machoke to Lieutenant En's Machop. Chou Tou is the Machamp version.
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    Controversial What if Akainu had gone to Wano instead of Greenbull?

    No Admiral is going to choose to 1v1 an Emperor unless it's in defence of self or others.
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    Current Events In 3 Quick Chapters, Oda Ruined The Portrayal Of The Marines, Dragon, And Mihawk

    Boggles the mind anyone can read 1060+ chapters of One Piece and STILL think Oda gives a shit about power levels and scaling. He's only interested in the story. Not the internet message board debates between dorks counting pixels.
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    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    The Zhao would surely recognise Zhao armour and uniforms. I think Kan Ki will ambush the Zhao cavalry and use that to sow similae confusion and fury as the Roumou Army did to the Qin. They could still kill them, steal their armour and banners, and used that to escape Northern Zhao.
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    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    Even a nominal garrison for a city of that size will be several thousand strong. Kan Ki couldn't take it with just 200~300 men, which is about all he has right now. Taking Hika requires HSA and GKA. Neither will allow him to kill civilians, and the former will not hesitate to slaughter Kan Ki...