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    Break Week Fujitora apogl letter

    I thought fuji was stupid for letting the shibi go and he wasnt helping marines :gokulaugh:
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    Powers & Abilities Mihawk didn’t cut Zephyr arm

    Mihawk fans are trying to spread this headcannon now that he cut zephyr arm The only Option would be weevil
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    Current Events Mihawk fled from the marines

    ちょうど今海軍に島を取り囲まれてる - Right now the navy has the island surrounded. 面倒 - trouble; bother, trouble; difficulty This isn’t downplay to Mihawk but simply marine hype that admiralsss fleet can do that to someone considered superior to shanks This by extension shows how truly terrifying an admiral...
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    Spoiler One Piece Film "RED" Spoiler Discussion Thread.

    So kizaru did sweat, Fuji didn’t intresting…. fuji strongest admiral Shanks only had a 1.04b a decade ago, lol mihawk was clashing jack level shanks. Shanks can mess with FS intresting.
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    Future Events BM is still alive confirmed

    How did she survive magma :josad: Is she really going to Elbaf
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    Powers & Abilities Black blades are more then haki?

    Dont know if mistranslation, but could make sense why shanks, roger never had them.
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    Break Week Big Mom confirmed comparable to Kaido

    From Road to Laughtale. カイドウと並ぶ、ワノ国編 の強敵と言えばビッグ・マム! 筋骨隆々で見るからに強そうな カイドウに比べ、ワノ国前のマ ムは、コミカルさの中に底知れ め商威を感じられるデザインだ。 Along with Kaidou, Big Mamu is the most powerful foe of the Waro-no-Kuni Arc. Compared to the muscular and strong-looking Kaidou, the pre-Wanokuni Mamu is designed to be comical...
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    Questions & Mysteries Is Mihawk Zoro final fight?

    And like WB said, once the one piece is found, the war will start, meaning luffy is pirate king before the final war, which means zoro would be WSS by the time. If anything wano showed us how luffy is the MC, and not zoro, so thinking mihawk will come after luffy dethroning the largest...
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    Questions & Mysteries The marines are still fighting

    What is going on they are still seen fighting in the back ground , GB statement now makes more sense of the marines not having enough manpower
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    Hello, new here, interesting forum