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  1. Zemmi

    [FNZ] Salem of Lies ToS - Christmas Special

    Hosts: @Zemmi & @Flower Theme: Christmas Special Players: 35 Welcome all to the Worstgen Christmas Party!!! Where you will find the prettiest Christmas Tree, along with the best festive food and drinks around!!! Let the party begin. We highly advise you read the rules and warning before...
  2. Zemmi

    Sign-up ToS: Christmas Special

    Hosts: @Zemmi & @Flower Theme: Christmas Special Players: Unlimited Starting: December 18th Special rules: Nightly Trivia & Special Words -Earn Reward *Double Actions *Double Votes *Night Immunity *Lynch Immunity *Secret Whispers *Lose Vote ;-; *Lose Night action ;-; *Secret* Maybe more :D...
  3. Zemmi

    WGARENA: New Day, New Host

    @Enryu request I have agreed to try and host a tournament. Link to the game: I will send out access keys when we have enough players and I close the sign ups. Beginners Guide: Links for...
  4. Zemmi

    [FNZ] Salem of Lies Round 2 - Town of Salem Test Take 2

    Host: @Zem Type: Town of Salem Test Take 2 Players: 2. @AL sama 7. @LANJI CUCKSMOKE 9. @Ekkologix 12. @Rhea 15. @Ratchet 16. @T-Pein™ 17. @Light D Lamperouge 18. @Wris Graveyard: @oddoddfruit - Vigilante @Juliet - Poisoner @Sallucion - Necromancer @Dragomir - Juggernaunt @Lindltaylor -...
  5. Zemmi

    Sign-up Round 2 - Town of Salem Test Take 2

    Host: @Zem Type: Town of Salem Test Take 2 This game will start on August 17th Players: 1. @Dragomir 2. @AL sama 3. @oddoddfruit 4. @Flower 5. @Melontonin 6. @Lindltaylor 7. @LANJI CUCKSMOKE 8. @krogothwolf 9. @Ekkologix 10. @Juliet 11. @Van 12. @Rhea 13. @Fruitji 14. @Xlaw 15...
  6. Zemmi

    Rules ToS Rules & Guides

    You can locate all information needed to play the current forum version of Town of Salem in this thread. General Rules Useful Host Information Host Notifications Attributes Roles Guides Town Roles Investigator (Town Investigative) Lookout (Town Investigative) Psychic (Town Investigative)...
  7. Zemmi

    [FNZ] Salem of Lies Round 1 - Town of Salem (Test)

    Host: @Zem Players: 18 Players: 1.) @krogothwolf 2.) @Flower 14.) @Juliet 16.) @Ratchet The Graveyard: @Sallucion - Transporter @Van - Serial Killer @MangoSenpai - Pirate @Melontonin - Vigilante @Lord Melkor - Bodyguard @Fruitji - Forger @Lindltaylor - Godfather @Bortolomeo - Lookout...
  8. Zemmi

    Sign-up Round 1 - Town of Salem (Test)

    Host: @Zem Type: Town of Salem Players: 1.) @krogothwolf 2.) @Flower 3.) @Melontonin 4.) @Typo 5.) @Van 6.) @Midnight Delight 7.) @Lord Melkor 8.) @RippedCal 9.) @Fruitji 10.) @MangoSenpai 11.) @Lindltaylor 12.) @Xlaw 13.) @T-Pein™ 14.) @Juliet 15.) @Sallucion 16.) @Ratchet 17.) @Light D...
  9. Zemmi

    [FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 2 - Marineford

    Theme - Marineford Game Type - Role Madness Players - 18 Host - @Dragomir Assistant - @Zem Game Start - Monday 10:30 AM EST. Players - 1. @Flower @Kvothe Kingkiller – [Emporio Ivankov] – Killed N4 2. @Marimo_420 – [Vista] – Killed N5 3. @Salah WG @~UwU~ 4. @Finalbeta – [Jinbei] – Lynched D5...
  10. Zemmi

    Town of Salem - Role Guides

    1/27/21 update - These guides are previous ones I made awhile back. They are just a base for now, I still need to add changes to several of the roles. Expect changes in these areas *Retributionist change *Serial Killer change * How mafia kill works and changes to a couple of mafia roles...
  11. Zemmi

    General ToS Role Guide Suggestions

    I have been asked to create role guides for Town of Salem. There have been many changes to the game since the last time I have made guides. Some of the changes I believe are needed and others overpowered for forums. We are wanting to get input from the players on which they like, do not like...
  12. Zemmi


    Just stopping in to say hi. :blush: