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  1. ZoroMazino

    Powers & Abilities Film red spoilers/Mihawk vs Shanks

    We learn in the movie that Shanks had a bounty of 1 billion 12 years ago, it matches with his fights against Mihawk so we can assume that Mihawk had the level of a YC1 12 years ago We don't know when Mihawk obtained the title of best swordsman + his shishibukai title but one thing is certain...
  2. ZoroMazino

    Future Events ZKK is happening

    That's all you need to know
  3. ZoroMazino

    Future Events Why ZKK is more and more evident

    First yes it's still about Zoro and Kaido, but you can leave if you're not happy and cry In this chapter we learn enormous things which show that Zoro will still have a big role to play in this arc. the first, no one has seen Zoro's prowess which is not logical because we have seen that Oda...
  4. ZoroMazino

    Speculations Sanji will fight Orochi

    Sanji is very close to the red scabbards he even saved Momonosuke He is the only character after the worst generation to know they lost to Kaido. Orochi is surely alive and will try to kill them all, since they are unconscious they won't be able to do anything against him but luckily Sanji...