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  1. Pirate hunter eddy

    Speculations Sanji did not "hit" a women.

    I know a lot of people think Sanji actually hit a random women but I don't think that is the implication of the scene. I actually think Sanji simply ran in to her while he was running a way given his new body composition it's probably likely that if he bumped into to her, she would obviously...
  2. Pirate hunter eddy

    Can we promote music on this forum?

    Wanted to link some of my friends songs using streamtape was wondering if that is allowed?
  3. Pirate hunter eddy

    Future Events Usopp's will play apart in defeating the ancient gaints on Wano

    Not sure if this has been brought up before but one thing that has been quite interesting is the irony in the tales Usopp's coming true. I've been reading the one piece manga and stumbled across this And then I remembered Apoo's statement Thought it's quite interesting that the numbers line...
  4. Pirate hunter eddy

    Neko versus Yonkos

    Now that someone weak as Neko can disarm Kaidou easily, that Jack can survive his seismic toss and not be KOed. Kaidou so far can't even beat Base Neko less than high diff, let alone beat Sulong Neko. Reminder It took 12 Hours and poison for Jack to take down Neko So far Neko can Stalemate...
  5. Pirate hunter eddy

    Speculations Sanji and Queen probably won't happen

    I think most people think this will happen because of the addition of the raid suit and due to the fact that Sanji always fights the 3rd strongest but I don't think this is the case. As of now there is no real reason for Sanji to use the raid suit as strength was never the reason he used it but...
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    Hey guys just signed up. Ready for a new adventure :cheers: