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    Anime & Manga Mihawk VS Shanks IN DEPTH REVIEW

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    Character Discussion Why Vista and Jozu can be argued to be / are stronger than queen and king

    We saw GB fodderise Queen and King together 1v2. Simple enough right? Possible counter arguments: They were imprisoned and couldn't fight / They had seastone cuffs on that weakened them./ They werent fully recovered I do not see any shackles or chains. The burden of proof would be on you...
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    Character Discussion Conquerors and their ambitions rant:

    Where do we begin? There are many Conquerors in One Piece, Rare as they are supposed to be, because we are being exposed to the very strongest people in the verse, Yonkos and their crews, it makes sense that they would be very prevalent. Now of course just being a conqueror is not enough, as...
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    Join Kokuto in BDA discord, the swordsmen faction

    Join if u dont like sanji.
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    Powers & Abilities Did Mihawk make his own Black blade, and does it matter? & Black blades discussion

    Mihawk is undoubtedly the strongest/greatest swordsman in the verse, it's a clear cut statement that's been made clear throughout the story numerous times and this is a clear goal for Roronoa Zoro to aim for within the series, being one of the main characters. So what does this mean for Mihawk...