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  1. Mdmajors

    One Piece Chapter 1043:”We die together!!“

    Robin is gonna be wet asf when she finds out Luffy is Joy Boy
  2. Mdmajors

    One Piece Chapter 1040: Falling on Deaf Ears

    Even though Big Mom lost the battle, she wasn’t defeated. She might have been used for comedic relief too often, but she was honestly an incredible fighter who probably has some of the best abilities in all of One Piece.
  3. Mdmajors

    One Piece Chapter 1036: "Bushido Is the Way of Death"

    Zoro’s new epithet needs to be “King of Hell” now. Pirate Hunter is cool but it’s time for an upgrade.
  4. Mdmajors

    One Piece Chapter 1021: Demonio

    This is what we’ve been waiting for for so long! Seeing Robin fight is always so satisfying. She had the best fight out of all the Topi Roppo, this fight flowed a lot better than the other ones in my opinion. Not only did Oda surprise us by giving her the ability to use Fishman Karate, but he...
  5. Mdmajors

    One Piece Chapter 1020: Robin vs. Black Maria

    Really praying Oda continues Robins fight next chapter. I’m really interested to see what he does with the rest of the fight.
  6. Mdmajors

    One Piece Chapter 1020: Robin vs. Black Maria

    Robin has had some of the most iconic lines during this war. I can’t wait to see what she says after she beats Black Maria
  7. Mdmajors


    Big Mom again showing us why she is classified as a Yonko. That combined attack was sick, I don’t care what y’all say. Poor Zeus he didn’t deserve that. I know he’s still alive though, this is Nami’s only plausible power up in my opinion. I for one am happy Luffy lost. Yes I wanna see Luffy win...
  8. Mdmajors

    Powers & Abilities Strawhat’s Haki

    These upcoming fights for the strawhats would be a great way for them to awaken and develop their haki. I think Nami’s upcoming fight with Ulti is a great opportunity for her to unlock observation haki. It was just shown that Ulti is amazingly quick, Nami won’t be able to dodge all of Ulti’s...
  9. Mdmajors

    One Piece Chapter 1012 : Itch

    So if Big Mom does go down in this war, will Nami get Hera too? I would love to see a Zeus and Hera love situation, and if Big Mom falls they would both go Nami. Prometheus would have to fall too. I don’t see him being loyal to anyone other than Big Mom.
  10. Mdmajors

    One Piece Chapter 1012 : Itch

    Ever since Whole Cake island Nami has been very impressive. Ulti better watch out, Nami has never been this angry and ready to fight.
  11. Mdmajors

    Character Discussion New Found Love

    This whole fight is when I realized how great Usopp was. When he fraudulently used that 5 ton hammer I was weak.
  12. Mdmajors

    Character Discussion New Found Love

    So I have a question. For those of you who have reread/watched the series over, was there a character/arc that you gained a new found love for. For me it was Usopp. He got on my nerves my first watch through, especially pre time skip. After I started watching it again Usopp had me in tears...
  13. Mdmajors

    One Piece Chapter 1009 - Hell

    This chapter had me hype from beginning to end. I doubt Big Mom is down for the count, but if she doesn’t return I’m not mad at how she went out. She shined a lot at the top of the roof I’m my opinion. The supernovas plan was perfectly executed, with everyone getting a little shine this chapter...
  14. Mdmajors

    One Piece Chapter 1009 - Hell

    Does this mean Nami’s getting Zeus back!? Yessssir. I knew this chapter was gonna be hype when I read the title. Oda did not disappoint. The battle on the top of the dome has been amazing so far.
  15. Mdmajors

    General & Others Manga Hype

    So I’m not new to reading the manga, as I started at about 6-7 years during Dressrosa back when I was in 11th grade. However, I missed the marineford arc in the manga. So my question is where y’all as hyped for every chapter like I am now? Waiting the last two weeks for chapter 1005 and for Oda...
  16. Mdmajors

    One Piece Chapter 1005: Devil Child

    I honestly think if black Maria’s boobs are really out Brook won’t be able to fight correctly 😂 so he’ll be forced to leave
  17. Mdmajors

    One Piece Chapter 1005: Devil Child

    I’m hoping the fight becomes 1v1. Brook needs his own fight just as much as Robin needs her own.
  18. Mdmajors


    I just wanna see Robin Vs. Black Maria! Why are you making us wait for so long Oda!
  19. Mdmajors


    There’s no way I can see the supernova beating the two Yonko by themselves right now. Especially since neither of them have even gotten serious yet. 1611987964 Y’all got me weak calling people candybois
  20. Mdmajors

    Break Week Fights I wanna see in Wano

    I forgot about Hawkins and the rest of the Numbers! I like chopper vs the Numbers better. I would love to see Sanji and Jimbe fight their own battles, but I still don’t see the supernova being enough to take down 2 yonko by yet. 1611601784 Thank you! Zoro helping to take down 2 Yonko is a...