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  1. God Ward

    JJK spoilers 181

    We finally get a look at Sukuna Looking dangerous Text spoilers: After the annoucement, Yuta now possesses 200 points (Points from URO & RYU + 20 points for killing Dhruv & Kuro) Surprisingly, Miwa is seen walking around the place where Yuta, Ryu & Uro's fight took place. There's a new...
  2. God Ward

    Could Wano Sanji take on the Door at Punk Hazard?

    As you can see, the Door has very high defensive capabilities. Sanji's All Out Attack barely made a dent. The question is, now that Sanji has the Raid Suit, which massively upgrades his defensive and offensive abilities, can he face off against the Door?
  3. God Ward

    Powers & Abilities Zoro's combat ability

    Introduction As at Chapter 1010, a healthy Zoro is unquestionably a top tier. For now, I think the "low top tier" designation is appropriate, but tI may revise upwards or downwards Zoro's placement as new information reveals itself. In this post, I plan to cover where I think Zoro stands...
  4. God Ward

    Yo waddup waddup

    Yo, been watching and reading One Piece since 2005. I'll mostly be in chapter discussion threads so I'll see you all there :zosmug: