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  1. Debanv

    Speculations ZKK is still happening within 5 chapters!!!

    Now is the time, a lot of sword-bros left us at this critical moment. Kaido is defeated, Luffy won, Zoro is still KO. But, the Zoro-Death plotline isn't finished yet. Zoro still has to blacken Enma in Wano. Enma is related to Oden, and will become a black blade by fulfilling his destiny and...
  2. Debanv

    General & Others Luffy will beat Kaido, but Zoro will be the one killing him.

    Luffy will definitely beat Kaido, they clashed 5 times, and 4 times Luffy lost. Now that Kaido is washed, bruised and tired, Luffy can't lose, or he will never be able to become the pirate King. But, beating Kaido does not mean defeating him for good, nor killing him. And we know Luffy never...
  3. Debanv

    Questions & Mysteries The percentage of chance that Zoro will kill Kaido ??

    With this last chapter, we all agree on the fact that Zoro will have to deal with Kaido again. As a Zoro-fag, I'm quite sure that he's gonna kill Kaido and become the new Ryuma, Demon of the blade Zoro. In monster, Oda's previous manga, the hero Ryuma defeated one of the strongest swordsman...