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    Chapter Discussion Chainsawman

    Chapter reminded me of something
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    Current Events Oda likes hyping up people before beating the crap out of them. Green bull is going to get it.

    No offence, but Greenbowl do be giving me the HOTEI vibes in some way
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    One Punch Man Chapter 165 : Absolute Evil

    Guys do you think GOD is a reference from Murata to Oda as both of them are handing out power ups left and right?
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    One Piece Episode 1020 - Sanji's Scream! An SOS Echoes Over the Island

    Cool, I have watched for a while but not for the last 20 years tho. I dunno maybe its just my personal view but the overall (fighting) animations seems lazy in the sense also that there is almost no variations in it. In my memory for example stuff was animated much nicer in Marineford or WCI for...
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    One Piece Episode 1020 - Sanji's Scream! An SOS Echoes Over the Island

    I already knew the pacing was slow in the anime, but (maybe it's just me) the overall quality seems to have dropped a lot too. Animations looks so robotic :tchpepe:
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    Spoiler General One Punch Man Spoilers

    The real question I'm asking myself is whether Boros's twin brother; Woros is still canon or not
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1050 Spoilers Discussion

    So....... when Rocks flashback :jackcopium:
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    Record of Ragnarok Chapter 64 Spoilers Discussion

    Personally would have liked Hades to win :risitasad:, but whatever it seems like I've been collecting nothing but only L's as of lately. The fighting has indeed become a bit stale tbh. I'm still expecting hoping that Odin is using this tournament to scheme a coup on the weakened (greek) gods...
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    General Football thread

    Perhaps we can change this poll to CL?
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1046 Spoiler Discussion

    Any other Chelsea enjoyers here?
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    Black Clover - Chapter 328 - Always

    We didn't saw his heart getting destroyed, next chap he's gonna stomp as devil union is undone :jackcopium::jackcopium::jackcopium:
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    Part 6 LETS GO!

    Episodes 13-24 coming, apparently this fall. Still think that weekly Jojo's Friday was better, but it's better than nothing I suppose
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    Anime & Manga The Kid Pirates Spoilers Room

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    Chapter Discussion Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak chapter 3

    Really like the idea behind Petsounds stand, Hol Horse was sure to figure it out quickly :smart:. I guess everybody gangstar until they hear: "Take this Dio! 20-meter radius Emerald Splash!"
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    Spoiler Black Clover General Spoiler Thread

    What am I seeing?! This is just plain bad writing:sanjimeh:
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    Record of Ragnarok Chapter 59 : The Greatest King

    Very nice chapter to read, Chun Yan was just :blush: Surely Qin has found a way to use his "condition" to his advantage in combat....
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1043 Spoilers Discussion

    If Luffy is also part Lunarian, Fish-man, giant and mink then I got MC bingo
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    Black Clover - Chapter 325 - Dark, Starry Night

    Lucifero should be stomping them, but I guess his name starts with an L :kayneshrug:
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    Chapter Discussion Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak chapter 3

    A bit late but thanks for the tags :blush:. Once again a nice chapter to read! So Boingo was only looking after Thoth huh. Does this mean that it is an independent stand (like Anubis)? So that's Josuke's jiji, his face kinda remind me of Robbie Rotten tbh. I wonder what the rules are for the...