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  1. RyumaZoro

    Future Events Sanji's final bounty will be 3,259,000,000 berry!

    Why not since is their final bounty to be a combination of their first bounty they had together like: luffy 5.300.000.000 Zoro Sanji and still have that gap ? 🤔
  2. RyumaZoro

    Speculations Did BB wanted to create stone golem army?

    Yes he was aiming for the revival of rocks :kata::goyea:
  3. RyumaZoro

    Announcement A Loss In Our Community

    Rest in peace!
  4. RyumaZoro

    Thank a lot mate , was great enough I just say 😂 !!

    Thank a lot mate , was great enough I just say 😂 !!
  5. RyumaZoro

    Thank you very much!!

    Thank you very much!!
  6. RyumaZoro

    Thanks a lot mate !

    Thanks a lot mate !
  7. RyumaZoro

    Thanks a lot was fancy a sit gets considering we are still in lockdown 😂

    Thanks a lot was fancy a sit gets considering we are still in lockdown 😂
  8. RyumaZoro

    Thanks a lot nakama!

    Thanks a lot nakama!
  9. RyumaZoro

    Questions & Mysteries The subconscious scheme of those who are putting admirals and Mihawk above all

    When did you get confirmation that mihawk or the admirals don’t have coc? So for now everything is just pure assumptions nothing else , don’t come and make a thread like you spitting facts
  10. RyumaZoro

    Questions & Mysteries Why nobody mentions "Mihawk" in Wano so far?

    Cuz doesn’t make any sense to bring him up, all the plot is about wano being fucked by kaido orochi blah blah blah the plot moves that way they can’t go like we take our revenge we waited 20 years and next they say oh btw was a guy named mihawk he was really strong if mihawk was there or know...
  11. RyumaZoro

    Anime & Manga The Kid Pirates Spoilers Room

    Well I just quoted you cuz haven’t seen you so frustrated so you can just chill and don’t give a fuuck if people picking at you , you have your reasons and doesn’t matter if you right or wrong the point is you are frustrated and you gonna get pissed off if you keep attention to anyone who...
  12. RyumaZoro

    Anime & Manga The Kid Pirates Spoilers Room

    If they kill Off midorya cringefest and let bakugo revolutionize the shonen genre as an mc yes mha will be the best manga for generations to come
  13. RyumaZoro

    Anime & Manga The Kid Pirates Spoilers Room

    chadstache m8 chill haven’t seen you so frustrated before ,if you gonna blame someone blame swj cuz I bet you even if oda had finished op and they had all the chapters they still gonna take breaks and publish it in a way that will take as much as possible to end it , that’s business
  14. RyumaZoro

    Anime & Manga The Kid Pirates Spoilers Room

    No ,are the various situations that enslave him he doesn’t choose it is forced upon him is diifrent well that’s pretty much everywhere that modern slavery
  15. RyumaZoro

    Anime & Manga The Kid Pirates Spoilers Room

    Lol what is this madness ? Cuz we won’t get chapter this week we gonna trash oda and everyone there for that ? Oda is already like a slave he is bound to his work now people should realise that oda didn’t even want op to last this long he had other plans for his life but he kind got enslaved to...
  16. RyumaZoro

    Current Events Is Toei right or is Toei wrong (Sanji vs Drake and P1)

    Well as far as vc are not totally canon then should be the same for anime , and if you want to argue about pl it whatever just do it with manga as is the original and is the author himself doing that , if we have to take anime canon , vc and data books then a lot of debates can be cleared and a...
  17. RyumaZoro

    SKKAK (Sanji killing King and Kaido) ?

    Poor sanji fan trying to mock zkk the roof explanation was just an extra add on for zkk plus there is a big difference here sanji mentioning about kin and the other while zoro and luffy talked about Jairo specifically so all in all big troll bait that you yourself don’t know what are you even saying
  18. RyumaZoro

    Questions & Mysteries Does Zoro have Internal Destruction Haki?

    To be fair zoro doesn’t even need it tho he is trained to have strong coa and with Enma will have perfect control so he can slice through anything like butter penetration haki is needed for luffy that is brawler so he can dmg his enemies internally also For zoro that cutting through there is no...
  19. RyumaZoro

    Powers & Abilities Will the Raid Suit be permanent or will it force Sanji to want to improve?

    Hopefully at the end of the arc on his extreme fight his rs get destroyed and he awaken his exoskeleton and improve his coa , if that doesn’t happen rs is permanent and honestly just throw the whole sanji development in the trash cuz is the most pathetic that can happen