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  1. Astaro

    Sonic vs star wars. How to take criticism

    And that’s why the Star Wars flicks sucked ass and were largely forgotten as Disney continues to burn through their money attacking their own fans and making idiotic choices
  2. Astaro

    Mikoto Misaka vs Gigantomachia

    I’ll go over Misaka’s other feats later but here’s her giant iron sand puppet in action
  3. Astaro

    Mikoto Misaka vs Gigantomachia

    No Anti-Art Attachment for this thread BTW
  4. Astaro

    Mikoto Misaka vs Gigantomachia

    Misaka gets randomly dropped in the MHA verse during the events of the latest season and one of the first things shes up against is the rampaging Gigantomachia. Can she stop it? In character, no knowledge for either, Misaka start with her gigantic Iron Sand Puppet. Standard equipment for...
  5. Astaro

    Yamamoto vs Lord Boros

    Boros obliterates Yama while losing whatever limb he used (and immediately grows back right afterwards)
  6. Astaro

    Versus Battle Archangel Gabriel (Toaru) vs ORT

    In character, no knowledge, fighters start 400 meters apart. Location: Earth Which of these world-ending threats takes it?
  7. Astaro

    Versus Battle Black Clover vs My Hero Academia

    Plot BC, MHA started out strong but got worse while Black Clover just gets better with every arc Main Characters - Speaks for itself. Side characters: Both have side characters I really like but BC both has more and does a better job at getting them involved in the plot compared to MHA who...
  8. Astaro

    Versus Battle Royal guard (bleach series) vs Three kings (yu yu hakusho)

    Ichibei is the only relevant character for Jobber Squad 0 and he’s at best taking down one King with Ichimonji Kings take it
  9. Astaro

    Versus Battle jellal (fairy tail) vs garou (one punch man)

    Jellal won’t need Grand Chariot or Sema for this
  10. Astaro

    Versus Battle EMIYA (Fate/Stay night) vs Uryu Ishida (Bleach)

    Uryu Pre-Sternritter Archer should beat Uryu as a Sternritter between the power boost and getting his own Schrift Antithesis redirecting whatever injury he does receive right back to EMIYA handedly stomps
  11. Astaro

    Naruto, The last vs dbz: battle of gods. Which was the better movie

    Battle of The Gods was pretty unremarkable honestly. Enjoyed Naruto The Last more since it felt like a good way to send off the series, especially with Hinata finally getting to hook up with Naruto at the end
  12. Astaro

    Versus Battle Jeanne d'Arc (Fate/Series) Vs Raiden Mei (Honkai Impact 3rd)

    Jeanne is not in any visual novels nor are any Type Moon visual novels that strong
  13. Astaro

    Versus Battle Kotal kahn vs heracles (god of war vs mortal kombat)

    Hercules. Kotal lacks the feats of Shao to argue he can take on God of War characters
  14. Astaro

    Versus Battle Ares vs juubito (god of war 1 vs naruto shippuden)

    Juubito takes this. Ares’ best showings were Multi-Mountain at best
  15. Astaro

    Cole runs a Railgun gauntlet

    Cole MacGrath replaces Misaka and fight a gauntlet of her adversaries. Good Cole w/ Ice Powers by the end of Infamous 2. How far does he get? 1) Kiyama Harumi followed by AIM Burst 2) Doppelgänger 3) Mugino Shizuri 4) Sogiita Gunha 5) Kimi Shundan 6) Accelerator (Sister Arc)
  16. Astaro

    Versus Battle Beatrice (fate prisma illya) vs Thor (a certain magical index)

    Yeah got them mixed up with your other thread. Looks like Thor’s got a solid advantage in range and power with his Arc Fusion Blades. And while I doubt he’ll be pushed to the point of needing it, he’s got Almighty Thor as well to make it so she’ll never hope to tag him while all his attacks are...
  17. Astaro

    Versus Battle Itachi Vs Cosmic Armor Superman (Final Crisis)

    Yeah, all jokes aside, the Marvel pantheon is kind of a joke these days
  18. Astaro

    Versus Battle Itachi Vs Cosmic Armor Superman (Final Crisis)

    Itachi stomps all of comics with ease
  19. Astaro

    Versus Battle Beatrice (fate prisma illya) vs Thor (a certain magical index)

    Not the actual Thor, just a magician who borrows the name of the Norse God to use Magic based on them. This is the actual Thor in the same series 1671109681 @Bob74h So what does Kotori do?