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    Well, think time say Goodbye

    So as I was implying, I am leaving. I know I'm not the most known and senior member, but still I guess I thought it would be the right thing to say it for those that might care. Anyways it's not because "Im quitting one piece!!!" or some shit but just because I thought that even if fun, this...
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    Self-deprecation: More harm than good?

    Think the argument is "haha everybody needs to laugh at themselves sometimes!" but it seems these **** just do it all the time😂
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    Self-deprecation: More harm than good?

    It is a popular thing to say "lol I suck, I'm stupid and fat xdd I don't matter", even seen as a sign od maturity, but is it really? Maybe to some extend humbleness is good of course but is this humbleness or just deflection. For example somebody critices you and instead of reflecting you just...
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    Break Week Why there are many people say that they have quitted reading OP for years but ............

    Eh quitting anything isnt easy, I know from experience, but good on them for trying🤷🏿‍♂️
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    Spoiler My Hero Academia General Spoilers thread

    Hope "Back-U-Go" happens in the next then
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    Spoiler My Hero Academia General Spoilers thread

    So another "nothing happens" chapter?
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    Dumbest thing you did in the name of love?

    If its out of love, not just lust, it will be a worthy sacrifice...
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    Dumbest thing you did in the name of love?

    An act of true love is never stupid😏
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    Dawn of the final day (or is it dusk???)

    Dawn of the final day (or is it dusk???)
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    General & Others Unpopular Opinions?

    If Chopper gets together with a Mink it either means Minks arent really human or Oda endorses bestiality. Too avoid situations like that every "furry" charachter should have been removed (but then One Piece would lose its german fanbase😂)
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    General & Others Anybody who would have liked for ZKK to happen but simply wasn't delusional?

    I mean even I, somebody who doesn't really care for Zoro, thought that it would be cool if it happened but I just knew that Luffy is the main char and that Oda does nifty stuff like that veey rarely. Still I wonder if most people who are "anti-ZKK" (by that I simply mean everybody who isnt...
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    Powers & Abilities Oda’s missed opportunities to give haki to the rest of SHPs

    Yeah, I also thought, that if haki has to be a thing, Oda could have used it in a way to make the rest of a crew relevant. Got a whole idea how I would have rewritten, but who wants to read some fanfic😂🤷🏿‍♂️
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    If unhealthy food wouldn't harm you would you eat ir all the time?

    yeah it can make you lose an arm like shanks, just instead by a seaking - diabettes
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1055 Spoilers Discussion

    please let this be real😂
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    The general rant thread

    I admit I was a bit trolling with my last post but hope you are trolling now to, cause damn😂
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    Character Discussion How Civilians see Luffy

    Probably so adicted to the news cycle that they are shocked for a moment, but then forget it and read about Tenribyto toilet paper habits or something
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    The general rant thread

    We solved childhood mortality, but mosquitos? Nah impossible... Man I bet you gave @Minimato a 10k budget and he would figure it out...