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    Character Discussion Who left a bigger impact on Kaido

    Akainu and Luffy. Only zoro fanboys will say zoro.
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    Character Discussion What "popular" characters do you find to be boring or dislike ?

    There are plenty that are boring due to lack of screentime
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    Break Week I have seen a bunch of people mad with oda's explanation for DFs, in ALL honesty, what did you guys expect???

    20 years+ for a 'theory' of 4 bubbles. Would it have been said at the intro or now the only difference I see is less forums theorizing the origins of the devil fruit
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    Current Events It´s time to admit: EGGHEAD IS ONE OF THE BEST ONE PIECE ARCS EVER

    its like a 6 at best imo. Kuma is the most interesting part. I get the point of the df theory, but for me it stills feels meh for this long ass wait. The fights might as well have been offscreen and put more bb vs law onscreen. Lucci walking L dude was talking about gettin robin since post...
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    General & Others Saw this on pirate folk sub and thought you guys would like it lol, GODA RULES

    Roofpiece felt like an rpg pratice mode. Villans testing ppls power has been done better in other anime/manga.
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    General & Others Best One Piece Fight Post Timekskip so Far?

    Lufffy vs doffy and luffy vs kata. Luffy vs kaido chp 1037 and 1042 eclipse any mediocre choegraphy king vs zoro had, zoros ending was better tho.
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    Questions & Mysteries How was film red for YOU

    only saving grace was shanks. Would never watch again. Watching paint dry is more entertaining.
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    Questions & Mysteries What Do You miss the Most about Pre Timeskip?

    Where to start? SH interaction and crew dynamic a la thriller park, shorter arcs, adventure, better paneling, Chopper not being a merch, usopp worth a damn, not having a million side characters...the list goes on
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    General & Others Which Moment was more Hype?

    Where is the neither option?
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    Speculations Would this make One piece the greatest manga again?

    Pre ts was good. Post ts is mid, boring because of bloated arcs with trash pacing
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    Break Week Wano is the best One Piece arc and here is why

    Then you woke up from uta's dream world.
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    General & Others Alabasta arc VS Dressrosa arc

    Alabasta by far. Dressrosa overall felt like torture to read.
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    Character Discussion To what extent have the Yonko delivered thus far?

    They were both garbage and there performance dosent come close to madara's intro or even aizen display. Even better achno from fairy tail looked more like a threat and got some savage kills under his belt. Two yonkos more like two punching bags. Roofpiece only look good if you dont care about...
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    General & Others Is One Piece Overrated or Underrated?

    Hella overrated. Pre ts was good but post ts is mediocre overall. If wano's war is considered peak then imagine an actual good war in kingdom. Two things oda does really well : build up hype and offscreen. Even some reveals now are like eh imo. Also the anime is medioce asf. Its dragging, the...