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  1. Blackbeard

    Versus Battle Super Garp vs Nappa (the ultimate showdown)

    vs Nappa invades and fodderizes OP-verse, Vegapunk manages to create an artificial devil fruit that contains the abilities of the strongest devil fruit in each class: - Gura Gura no Mi - Uo Uo no Mi - Yami Yami no Mi Prime Garp eats it and now he knows what he ought to do, fight Nappa and...
  2. Blackbeard

    Versus Battle Base Ichibe vs Kaido and Big Mom

    vs Restrictions: Ichibe can't soul-fuck them, he also can't use Shikai/Bankai, he only has access to sealed Ichimonji/physical strength/Kido/hidden Kido etc... Round 2: Ichibe can use Shikai, Roger and Prime WB join team 2 Round 3: All-out Bankai Ichibe vs OP verse 1609373073 @Luthon...
  3. Blackbeard

    Versus Battle Renpa vs Gyou'un

    TIME FOR THE CHADEST FIGHT OF THE CENTURY "After all if it's a head on clash against Renpa... Including me, there is not a single commander alive right now capable of besting him" - Riboku VS "To think that this man would be capable of something at this level... This Inhuman Might. My...
  4. Blackbeard

    Versus Battle Zhao vs Chu: all-out war

    It's 241 BC, Chu decided to invade Zhao's southern lands to conquer the region east of Gyou. On their way, they were intercepted by a massive Zhao army. The decisive battle takes place at Zhao's southern plains (let's say nearly identical to Dakan Plains in Wei). - Each Supreme Commander will...
  5. Blackbeard

    Versus Battle Zenou vs Rankai

    Y'all knew my first thread here would be some wild shit. :steef: The Thief Beast VS The Tamed Gorilla One of the reasons of this fight is because of how Kanki/Yotanwa use beasts like Zenou/Rankai as wild cards in their army for head-on collisions. Conditions: - 1 vs 1 fight to death -...
  6. Blackbeard

    Versus Battle Toriko 8 Kings vs 3 Disciples

    I rarely make multiverse threads but i Gave the final Toriko manga arc a reread and thought this battle would have been great if it canonically happened vs Battle takes place in Gourmet World. ALL ABILITIES ARE ALLOWED Scenario 2 : Add Acacia to his disciples / Add GOD to the 8 Kings
  7. Blackbeard

    Questions & Mysteries Xebec and Teach links

    This thread will be open for any discussion about the relation between Xebec and Teach along with their pirate crews. we have similar threads already but i want this thread to be open so that it could gather all the information around, and if other hints appear in the future, you could come back...
  8. Blackbeard

    Fanclub Urouge FC

    This is the holy sanctuary where everyone can share the Urouge, the man who created a whole new meaning for memes. Urouge fanarts, memes, gifs, and everything related to him can be shared here. Member list: @Owl Ki @K!NG HARA$H!MA @Albino 👑 @Finalbeta @Haoshoku @mad monk @Don DaSlayer @Zoro D...