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  1. Tripod

    Questions & Mysteries How do you hate Luffy and still read one piece?

    Luffy would easily be one of the coolest strawhats to meet in real life tbh …Just because he’s dumb doesn’t mean he hasn’t developed or isn’t one of the most consistent, idealized characters in the story
  2. Tripod

    Controversial What if Akainu had gone to Wano instead of Greenbull?

    Akainu? Solo? Vs Luffy and all of his commanders plus Yamato? With Shanks a reinforcements? Akainu loses badly… Luffy won’t play around and watch nor would Momo be successful in asking people not to interfere. All out Akainu likely kills a few, but won’t survive
  3. Tripod

    Powers & Abilities G5 shared Luffy's rubber defence with Crydo

    I get what you’re saying and I’ve thought of it before too, my headcanon is that the only rubber property he’scapplying when attacking is the stretching, so that it’s still painful.. Then, you could argue he’s doing more damage as the parts he’s making contact with aren’t supposed to bend and...
  4. Tripod

    One Piece Chapter 1067 Punk Records

    As a lot of people predicted, Momo’s fruit was a nigh perfect replication aside from the color and Vegapunk is just a perfectionist The beam saber is likely perfect scientifically as well but something like that would normally be akin to a bug trap just much much more potent and thus it gets...
  5. Tripod

    Character Discussion How would you have written Orochi Differently?

    He was TOO cowardly Acknowledge the nuance in the situation, accept that you're not free from judgement in your final moments, it's fine to want Hiyori dead too but don't beg for help and your life etc. It was too much... Character had potential
  6. Tripod

    Current Events What if Luffy had run into Blackbeard instead?

    Luffy with his entire crew? Lmaoo BB gets trashed Kurozou or whatever wont save BB from a Roc Gun to the lips... Luffy ain't Marco
  7. Tripod

    Chapter Discussion Where is the clout?

    I see what you're saying, but I'm arguing that it should've happened immediately Lilith or whichever Vegapunk, as a government employee and genius, should know Yonko crew members IMO without reminding 1665206722 I can agree with this But for example Marco is well recognized, is Zoro so far...
  8. Tripod

    Chapter Discussion Where is the clout?

    Is it just me or has everything about the recent couple chapters just screamed "Luffy and his crew still have and deserve no respect"? Even Kid and probably even Law(let alone the likes of Kaido) would've dismantled that shark, all those robots and probably Vegapunk as well just for...
  9. Tripod

    General & Others What disappointed you the most in Wano?

    For me it’s gotta be Kaido None of his character’s deeper philosophies were fleshed out, after being hinted at There were barely any contrasting themes that were highlighted between him and Luffy His backstory is basically non-existent The fight lost its tension Etc. And this is one of if not...
  10. Tripod

    Current Events Will the Thousand Sunny get a Major Upgrade before the End of One Piece?

    Nothing that will change the way the ship currently looks IMO
  11. Tripod

    General & Others Do you guys think people take One Piece way to seriously?

    It is the highest selling comic by a single author in history, it deserves it's scrutiny.. However petty
  12. Tripod

    Chapter Discussion Did Sabo survive?

    Not that I disagree But what you’re saying can’t happen literally did with Ohara
  13. Tripod

    Chapter Discussion It took Imu over a month to prepare this attack

    Lulusia wasn’t one of the lights to be extinguished tho It was Luffy, BB, or Vivi He only just crossed out the island on the map and they only just started rebelling… I’m sure he can utilize the weapon within a few minutes so long as it doesn’t need to travel too far
  14. Tripod

    Chapter Discussion Did Sabo survive?

    This doesn’t even feel like fake tension to me Why would a potential top tier fighter die to an island buster? What’s more important about the scene is that Imu either has a Jesus fruit or an ancient weapon