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  1. Sugoi

    General & Others Saturn didn't know Luffy would be there

    Seems like a lot of people lack reading comprehension and are completely misunderstanding what has happened here. Saturn did not set sail to egghead because he wanted to confront luffy. He did not even know luffy would be there. This is the sequence of events - The gorosei suspected that...
  2. Sugoi

    Controversial How disrespectul will G5 be against Shanks?

    ain't happening, kid is taking shanks out
  3. Sugoi

    Character Discussion Why is Oda shitting on Luffy?

    hes not using acoc thats why
  4. Sugoi

    Future Events Killer will defeat Beckman

    let him cope, wonder if he will say beckman is headliner lever too when he loses 1678581022 its so obvious that this fight is to let kid and killer get their revenge to show how far they have come since losing the first time, these people are so deluded that they think oda will just repeat the...
  5. Sugoi

    Powers & Abilities Will Killer get COC?

    if beckman has coc coating then killer will unlock it when he fights him
  6. Sugoi

    Speculations What characters do you think will be revealed to have Conqueror’s Haki later in the story?

    sanji, killer, smoker, dragon, akainu, aokiji, fujitora, mihawk, garp, kizaru, beckman and xebec
  7. Sugoi

    Character Discussion The seraphim are getting boring..

    im not asking them to win all im asking is that they land a hit at least. Luffy and zoros group aren't even trying that hard either, both not bothering with acoc, rob lucci not in awakened form, and kaku is in would think with mihawks dna that s-hawk would have the skill to at least...
  8. Sugoi

    Character Discussion The seraphim are getting boring..

    All these seraphims do is tank attacks and get back up. All the focus is on the lunarian gimmick, the warlord component doesn't seem to make much of a difference at all. King wasn't just only tanking attacks, he was able to actually able to land attacks, block, counter and blitz zoro. He...
  9. Sugoi

    Future Events Killer will defeat Beckman

    Kid defeating shanks will nicely hype kid as an eos rival for luffy to defeat, as both will have defeated an emperor 1v1. However, this is also how oda will hype killer as zoros opponent eos. Just like the rivalry between luffy and kid, oda has also established a rivalry between zoro and killer...
  10. Sugoi

    Character Discussion Do you really like Shanks and why

    hes boring to me, just a peacekeeper that wants to stop everyone from fighting, that doesnt interest me at all. Mr nice guy that oda wants everyone to love
  11. Sugoi

    Questions & Mysteries What if Kidd beat Shanks , Law beat Blackbeard, and Luffy beat Kizaru ?

    the only narrative with shanks that we know should happen is luffy giving the hat back/meeting shanks, and shanks is not at all required to defeat kid for that to happen. Likewise blackbeard does not have to defeat law to fight luffy later. fanboys make their own narratives like "shanks top 1...
  12. Sugoi

    Questions & Mysteries What if Kidd beat Shanks , Law beat Blackbeard, and Luffy beat Kizaru ?

    the fanbase hates admirals, so they would like luffy beating kizaru the fanbase loves yonkos so they would hate kid and law winning thankfully oda doesnt care about just doing what the fans want
  13. Sugoi

    Future Events Shanks will lose to Kid, only the new era matter

    why do you not like kid 1677596260 Cope more blud
  14. Sugoi

    Future Events Shanks will lose to Kid, only the new era matter

    he already lost to red hair pirates and lost him arm. Pretty sure that is a massive consequence. There's no point of oda repeating the same thing again
  15. Sugoi

    Future Events Against who will Shanks show off?

    Shanks sees kid as a huge threat in which he feels the need to have every advantage possible with his entire fleet and giants, and oda is portraying shanks and kid as pirates that are on the same level. Shanks will be going all out and then eventually he will lose. shanks is not luffys enemy...
  16. Sugoi

    Character Discussion Your biggest expectations for Kid and Law

    rivals always end up being the strongest in shounen and the most endgame relevence compared to any antagonist or mentor type character thinking kid and law wont be stronger than shanks is like thinking sasuke wouldnt become stronger than jiraya blackbeard is an antagonist that will be defeated...
  17. Sugoi

    Current Events Kidd defeating Lanks is the culmination of 1076 chapters of One Piece. Kidd haters won't be ready for what will hit them

    kid haters always end up being wrong, they are going to be even more salty than they were after wano. I wonder what excuses they will come up with this time
  18. Sugoi

    Future Events Shanks will lose to Kid, only the new era matter

    Why would killer want to waste his time with a commander for? He was going to fight big mom, only reason he didnt was because hawkins got in their way. Anyways, now is a time where killer fighting a commander would make sense as kids crew are confronting red hair pirates