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  1. Kikoco

    Theory IMU'S Power - One Piece Chapter 1069 Theory

    Hey guys, this theory will discuss Imu's power. To begin, in Chapter 1069, Vegapunk mentions that devil fruit powers are a result of desires, and that leads itself in One Piece evolution to the powers known as devil fruits. For example: People wanted Nika to free them -> Luffy's fruit So in...
  2. Kikoco

    Theory SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN Theory - One Piece Chapter 1066

    Hey guys, this theory will discuss the recent events about vegapunk's design, his connection to the moon, and how this could point to Vegapunk being the creator/captain of the space pirates. To begin, we are introduced to Vegapunk as part of the elongated head tribe (as far as we can assume...
  3. Kikoco

    Theory Theory: Ace Lives On ?!

    Yeah maybe i titled it abit ambitiously haha, i meant that perhaps his recollections and capabilities live on through sabo :(
  4. Kikoco

    Theory Theory: Ace Lives On ?!

    This recent chapter, 1065, had a lot of interesting details that I’d love to talk about, including a very specific point that may hint at ace himself living on. To begin, Vegapunk Edison states that Seraphim Jinbei’s attack patterns continue to develop as it grows and that this suggests one’s...
  5. Kikoco

    Theory The Sorbet Kingdom never existed.

    WARNING: SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 1060 Hey guys so just a really short theory here but we have no apperaance of the Sorbet Kingdom, the only known people with ties to it are Kuma and Bonney, and Kuma is known as its tyrant. In chapter 1060, Imu was shown to have eliminated the Lulusia kingdom...
  6. Kikoco

    Theory Imu, Moriah, and Doflamingo's Mission

    Hey guys so this will just be a quick theory regarding the events that occurred between Doflamingo and the World Government after Marineford. Doflamingo was given the mission to eliminate Moriah by someone "much higher up" than Sengoku on the ladder, which implies to me it is related to the...
  7. Kikoco

    Theory How Kuma can be Saved

    Actually when she used it on marines I recall the baby or child marine crying when someone was trying to connect with him on the transponder snail, which would indicate their brain as well ages back. Could have been anime only or not I don't quite remember actually...
  8. Kikoco

    Theory How Kuma can be Saved

    Hey guys this is kind of short but what if Kuma can just be healed again if Bonney reverts his age to a time before he was transformed by Vegapunk? Wouldnt that revert his entire body including his brain as well?
  9. Kikoco

    Theory Why Kuma joined the World Government

    Hey guys so chapter 1058 just released and it was an absolutely amazing chapter, we got the new strawhat bounties, cross guild backstory, and information about the revolutionaries! To begin this theory, we will discuss Dragon’s possible plan that he has with Kuma from the new information we got...
  10. Kikoco

    Theory BIG MOM is the result of Gigantification - Similar to Ceaser's experiment

    Hey guys, This theory will discuss why Big Mom might have been a result of a gigantification experiment by the world government. To begin, we know that both of Big Mom’s parents were normal sized humans, in fact, it seems like the fact Big Mom is so enormous and strong to the point of fighting...
  11. Kikoco

    Theory CHOPPER'S DREAM: The ALL-PURPOSE Medicine - The ALL-BLUE - JOYBOY - and the most recent episode~ The FINAL EVENTS OF ONE PIECE theory

    Hey guys, so before i begin this theory I just want to point out that the director associated with Film Red has been told key moments about One Piece endings and is privy to information otherwise not known. Moreover, that is the case for Film Red's anime episodes as well. Which means, they could...
  12. Kikoco

    Theory Shanks is a double agent red snake

    Well his own benefit in my theory's case would be that he wants the dawn to come, or the new age to take over.
  13. Kikoco

    Theory Shanks is a double agent red snake

    Hey guys, this theory will be about why Shanks is a Double Agent secretly making the world government think that he’s on their side, but playing the chess pieces to help lead the world into a new dawn. To begin, Oda is actually a very big fan of Vicky the viking, and there’s no doubt that Oda...
  14. Kikoco


    Hey guys, this theory IS WILD. Just thought I'd have a bit of fun with this hahahahaha I'll start off with this: WHAT IF THE VERY STORY WE ARE READING RIGHT NOW IS "ONE PIECE". NO no, not just the title of the manga, WHAT IF THIS IS THE LITERAL TREASURE, THE ONE PIECE THAT LUFFY AND MANY OTHER...
  15. Kikoco

    Theory CHAPTER 1055 THEORY: Do they CONNECT ?!

    Hey guys so in chapter 1055, it was revealed that there is an old wano submerged deep underwater, what if when samurai were referring to the country of gold, or that was what Wano WAS called, it was referring to OLD wano, and if OLD wano that was submerged underwater is the country of gold, and...
  16. Kikoco

    Character Discussion One Piece - Monkey D. Garp Character Analysis

    Hey guys, so I recently made a Monkey D. Garp character analysis video, and I was wondering what you guys think of it. I think Garp is a character that I see varying opinions of from different people, and I wanted to share my thoughts on Garp as a character. Here is the video: Thanks, and I...
  17. Kikoco


    Hello guys, this is a quick theory about the ancient weapon, Pluton. To begin, some informatino about Pluton: Pluton is an ancient weapon deemed to be the most terrible, and is said to be named for the "God of Death". In other words, the name Pluton and Pluto could be one and the same, and Pluto...
  18. Kikoco

    Theory Toki's Prophecy, the Kozuki Crest, and The FUTURE events of One Piece

    Hey guys, this theory is actually a variation of one of Ohara's theorys on the origin of the Ancient Kingdom. It will discuss a particular symbol that appears in various places such as the Kozuki crest, the Alabasta flag, and the crest of the Shandians. What I think this symbol could represent...