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  1. Nel-Zel fiasco

    Jujutsu Kaisen - Chapter 194 - Sakurajima Colony, Part 4

    if kamo is getting a flashback is that a deathflag? hope not looks like next chapter we gonna get 2 new participant hope naoya turn into butterfly soon lol
  2. Nel-Zel fiasco

    Speculations Why the story had Yamato stay in Wano instead of going with the Straw Hats.

    oh yeah you,re right sorry i reread and yep it,s yamato that made decision that she don,t wanna go , so why yamato fans angry to oda? it,s their hero decision
  3. Nel-Zel fiasco

    Speculations Why the story had Yamato stay in Wano instead of going with the Straw Hats.

    yamato always STATED she want to join but in the end it,s not her decision it,s captain decision even jibei said it the big elephant in the room is what luffy say to yamato so she not want to join anymore? if only oda not offscreen that moment maybe fans will accept it so yeah oda fumble it...
  4. Nel-Zel fiasco

    General & Others On a scale of 1-10 How Close are you to Dropping One Piece?

    not dropping it but not very entushiastic about it either gonna treat one piece like FT now read for bad pun n fanservice but still expecting some lore to be answered in final saga
  5. Nel-Zel fiasco

    General & Others Is this the same man who wrote Fishman Island?

    kinda wondering for 25 years orochi rule he never have any kids? even though he surround by women? looks very convenient because if he have kids then prepare to burn lol Bad pun to end a Bad arc wano ... kinda poetic for oda
  6. Nel-Zel fiasco

    Chapter Discussion Opposing Factions - Two Piece in the Making - One Piece - Chapter 1057

    oda just made a bad pun a very bad ppun about genocide it feels like see a stand up comedian made joke about holocaust ... oh well at least wano is over
  7. Nel-Zel fiasco


    hope noritoshi kun survive naoya getting more n more asshole every chapter so annoying
  8. Nel-Zel fiasco

    One Piece Chapter 1.056 : Cross Guild

    finally wano is over wow big news mihawk co op with croco n buggy ???:luffylaugh: all powerlever gonna go crazy right now lol shinobu became hottie n finally oda show us kunemon wife o tsuru :myman: let see germa vs katakuri n oven ... and if mihawk join buggy that,s mean mihawk capture is...
  9. Nel-Zel fiasco

    Rules What is the best manga of the week ?

    CSM AND BC maybe , i need to binge MHA :gokulaugh: almost forgot about it also need to binge read kaiju no 8 and sousei no omnyoji
  10. Nel-Zel fiasco

    Kingdom - Chapter 728: The Oldest Member

    look all that saki clan necklackles full of fingers and ears wow no wonder shin is pissed off but shin should see the bigger picture if he can control saki clan or at lest stop them torturing civilians then maybe they can go to gian, remember they are in enemy territories n fall back is not an...
  11. Nel-Zel fiasco

    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    looks like shin convinced by naki to bring that weird siege tower n saki clan to gian and kanki also go there too so unless riboku set trap in gi,an they gonna take over gian ...
  12. Nel-Zel fiasco

    One Piece Chapter 1055 : New Age

    looks like oda really use shanks as "jail free cards" all time huh? ( stop the war n BB, stop kaido vs WB, n now stop GB) :tchpepe: all admiral theory n wank go to the drain lol no offense though GB intro was great but the exit was crap :josad: then why oda hype this new characters ...
  13. Nel-Zel fiasco

    Best Opening Song FINALS

    if only jojo 2 opening or jojo 3 ending 1 " dance like egyptian":steef: but cruel angel thesis still iconic all time :kata:
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    JJK 192 Spoilers

    naoya will be moth or butterfly can,t wait :myman: maki awakening will be dope:steef:
  15. Nel-Zel fiasco

    Kingdom - Chapter 727: Kanki's Axe

    dunno why i never trust riboku judgement so much did kanki really run out troops? did he escaped or counter attacked ? too much confidence will destroy you:sus: n as usual riboku underestimated shin :pepeke:
  16. Nel-Zel fiasco

    Questions & Mysteries Why does Shanks want to go get the one piece now in particular?

    maybe the key is luffy awakening now that Joyboy is found n 2 yonko are down plus WG n marines are busy with Revo army n shichibukai remnants Shanks finally made his move? 2 old yonko is knowlegeable about void century n ancient weapon doubt buggy get the secret about that but BB maybe gonna...
  17. Nel-Zel fiasco

    Character Discussion Aramaki character discussion

    evil nazi broccoli LOL :gokulaugh: but seriously cool DF but worship CD?? akainu hate CD !! n he think prejudice is good?! trying too hard to become bad guys eh :myman: maybe he is pissed off sabo got away after humiliating him n fujitora in mariejois
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    looks like marine never realize that gorosei want to kill nefertari because of their"betrayal" n think sabo is the killer of cobra shanks show up but not meeting luffy? what? why? just to promote film Red i think :myman: soo sabo is famous now n he copied luffy move by burning celestial dragon...
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    so, garou martial arts can travel backwards in time? that more OP than opening portal or teleport kinda weird that garou say he is the "bad future" because if saitama back in time then the bad future is cancelled then the prophecy is null? or will god really get out from the moon ? (see...
  20. Nel-Zel fiasco

    Jujutsu Kaisen - Chapter 191 - Sakurajima Colony, Part 1

    kenjaku feels like aizen now (all according to keikaku) weather is good or bad story will tell naoya as cursed spirits? why bring him back? kinda weird gege bring someone back as cursed spirits especially naoya :snoopy: