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  1. SwordCHAD

    Speculations Would Zoro fans drop OP if Sanji fights Kaido and Zoro fights Orochi instead?

    Would Sanji fans drop OP if Chopper fights Queen and Sanji fights tobbi roppo instead?:zorothink:
  2. SwordCHAD

    Future Events Will Sanji saves Marco and fight King and Queen?

    Sanji is needed to fight King or Queen I'm agree because if he's not then King or Queen would keep getting bullied by Marco and now come to worst even Chopper join to bullying them
  3. SwordCHAD

    Current Events Why Marco was losing badly to King and Queen

    Marco standing with minor bruise on face = losing King and Queen got floored with blood dripping = win :zorothink:
  4. SwordCHAD

    Current Events Why it's not Sanji's fault

    Agree, just like Sanji who didn't need help from anyone to escape from Black Maria and can't take care for himself:cheers:
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    Questions & Mysteries Is Hiryuu Kaen long range attack?

    Is Mihawk's slash that cut iceberg also long range attack?
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    Powers & Abilities Raid Suit is a necessary addition to elevate Jinbe's position/status/standing

    Vergo got oneshoted by Law after he regain his heart, the same Law who weaker than Dressrosa Luffy. Compared to Ulti who force post-udon Luffy to go G4 then Ulti could possibly oneshot Vergo easily:milaugh:
  7. SwordCHAD

    Powers & Abilities Raid Suit is a necessary addition to elevate Jinbe's position/status/standing

    When Sanji got his shin cracked by non-haki Vergo while Usopp tank'ed hybrid Ulti full-haki headbutts, it's make sense that RS is really necessary for Sanji to be stay relevant :kayneshrug:
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    Future Events Zoro & Killer won’t survive

    Probably yes, because they're lonely or masochism
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    Break Week The final ''what will Sanji do now?'' thread

    Fly to Wano capital warning people to go out of city
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    Speculations Why Zoro & Killer don’t belong

    Imagine if Zoro isn't on the rooftop, how many chapter SN can survive against 2 yonko?
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    Character Discussion Will Judge's son get his pride back?

    In the eyes of Sanji's fans he never lost his pride
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    Chapter Discussion Why Zoro didn't use isds against Kaido?

    Oda need Kaido to live longer for the other SN to stay relevant:kayneshrug:
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    Thanks :)

    Thanks :)
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    Speculations Sanji will fight Orochi

    Sanji will join with Momo 2v1 Orochi and have extreme hard battle