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    Anime & Manga The Kid Pirates Spoilers Room

    It's a Tama chapter Level Up = Tama Levels Up in age and becomes an adult with Momonosuke The pheasant is Tama Tama will fight Kaido on the rooftop :crazwhat:
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    Anime & Manga The Kid Pirates Spoilers Room

    that is what happens if you type "chapter title shimotsuki zoro" in english on a japanese keyboard
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    Character Discussion The most handsome male SH

    I like Wano Luffy and Raid Suit Sanji a lot. When I first watched OP in elementary school, I thought Luffy was the most attractive SH and Sanji was the ugliest though (Sanji’s Skypiea design scared me lol). Looking at other comments on this thread, I’ve never been a huge fan of Zoro’s design...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1019 Spoilers Discussion

    >Carrot: a furry >Yamato: a furry can we have new sh candidate options lol
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1018 Spoilers Discussion

    There is technically a moon god mentioned in Skypiea... interesting if this Sun God dude is actually real and could’ve come from the moon (like all those theories saying celestial dragons came from the moon)
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    Character Discussion Is Papakuzi the most handsome man in One Piece?

    I’m a female and I find Shura (one of Enel’s priests) to be the most handsome character lol. I also like Mihawk, Law, and Ichiji’s appearances a lot. I don’t think very large and muscular characters such as Akainu are all that attractive, it’s more of a turn-off to me.
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    Theory The Romance of Fantasy - The Grand Monet Theory

    I was reading through your theory because I also love the idea of Monet being alive and noticed that you theorize that the sky islander’s wings are decorations. I’m not sure if you knew this, but in One Piece Databook Yellow, it says they are such. My Japanese isn’t that good, but it says...
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    News ONE PIECE 7TH Characters Popularity Poll Announcement !!

    Would they really release the livestream on Luffy’s birthday if he didn’t get first lol. It would be interesting to see him get second though
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    News ONE PIECE 7TH Characters Popularity Poll Announcement !!

    I’m cool with Wyper at 88 and Enel at 35. Skypiea is best arc
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    Speculations Whos the SH or the character that Oda hates the most?

    Some of the most shafted characters were the priests in Skypiea. They are virtually forgotten by the entire fanbase even though they were supposed to be important arc villains. It’s funny seeing people say King is given no development when the priests were 1000x less developed lol Out of the...
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    Character Discussion I don't like Yamato

    I definitely agree. The most bothersome part to me is her design. I dont usually mix up the female designs, but Nami and Yamato are way too close, especially for a Straw Hat candidate. The worst part is how similar their bangs are. When I first skimmed through chapter 999, I didn’t even realize...
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    General & Others Your favorite Ancient Zoan so far ?

    Allosauruses are so cool, I have seen fossils of them in person. Spinosaurus is my second favorite. I love fossils and all sorts of paleontology stuff though so ancient zoans are my favorite devil fruit type, easily. I hope we get to see more cool designs, maybe Yamato will have an ancient zoan