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  1. nik87

    General & Others Betting against Zoro has been ridiculous for a long time

    It is time to stop with the ridiculous bets against Zoro in most match-ups, it is basically the same as betting against Kaido. Unless a legit top tier is opposing Zoro, betting against Zoro is straight silly and only delays your own demise... Doflamingo, Cracker, Katakuri and alike, they have...
  2. nik87

    General & Others Why was Doflamingo not an Emperor?

    What did Donquixote family lack to obtain a status of an Emperor? When Garp talks about the Yonko he describes the way how they rule the 2nd half of the Grand Line, like Emperors. From what we have seen, what makes an Emperor are first and foremost, a large crew. Secondly, territories that they...
  3. nik87

    Speculations Are Kaido and LinLin the true bosses of Wano?

    Do you think Koi D.Uo and RinRin are the true bosses of the samurai arc? Or there is a hidden boss yet to be unlocked? I know the main objection people will have to this idea is that "It is too much for the alliance to fight 3 top tiers". However, that was said for Kaido alone and Oda threw...
  4. nik87

    Future Events Is Zoro vs Mihawk going to be in the shadow of any other 1vs1 fight?

    As the title says, do you think any other 1vs1 will put Zoro vs Mihawk in its shadow? Will it be a greater, more awesome and harder battle? Does any other fight have the same weight as the fight that has been set in stone since the very start of the manga? Who can possibly overshadow the...
  5. nik87

    Speculations WG War Match-ups

    In the final war, assuming that both Marines and whatever other forces World Government has fight together, who will they be matched against? We have several characters of the WG side: Im 5 Elders Kong CP0 strongest fighter(s) Akainu Kizaru Fujitora Green Bull Garp Sengoku We have 14 fighters...