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  1. Don DaSlayer

    Questions & Mysteries Wano samurai

    Waw so these are the so called samurai of Wano they look fodder to me. These were the man that Akainu feared? :whitepress:
  2. Don DaSlayer

    General & Others Rank these Op spoiler threads

    Rank them. The chapter 997 spoiler thread. The chapter 1000 spoilers thread. The chapter 988 spoiler thread. Chapter 1002 spoiler thread. Imo 1.997 That spoiler thread was legendary Woro Hypee. 2. 1002. Another great spoiler thread we see here alot of headcanons get destroyed. 3. 1000. Another...
  3. Don DaSlayer

    Speculations Act 3 is the last act of Wano.

    1. The raid aint failing. 2. The Tragedy of act 3 was The Odens fb. 3. This act will end when Kaido and Big Mom get defeated. :kata:
  4. Don DaSlayer

    Future Events What reactions is Kidd doing to do in the future?

    What are his reactions going to be in the next chapters? @yj @Zowo @stealthblack @ShishioIsBack @LANJI CUCKSMOKE @Fenaker @Finalbeta @Cinera @Marimo_420 @MarineHQ62 @Admiral Lee Hung @Blackbeard
  5. Don DaSlayer

    Future Events What do you expect from Kidd?

    Rn hes looking trash. Do people still have faith in him. He and his boy KIller are already Luffys and Zoro’s cheerleaders. All he has done so far is react. Even killer managed to do more damage then him. :cheers:
  6. Don DaSlayer

    The Fate of every Zorohater in This Forum.

    This can end up only in 2 Ways. This is your future.:cheers: 1. Leave 2. Become on of us. :kata::milaugh:
  7. Don DaSlayer

    What’s the best theme in WG?

    We currently have 5 themes. Default one Light Zoro theme Ace theme Franky theme. Ngl the Ace one kinda fire. Still doesnt change the fact that the Zoro one is the best.:goyea:
  8. Don DaSlayer

    Kidd and Killer vs Luffy\Zoro

    Location: Onigashima Knowledge: Manga R1 Lidd has both his arms and Liller doesn’t go Fafafafa. Zoro doesn’t have enma and luffy has no ryo. R2 Current onigashima versions. Vs Imo Luffy and zoro take both rounds first a midd difff and the second one in a low diff.
  9. Don DaSlayer

    Fanclub The Heavenly Demon FC 😈

    How tf did no one make this earlier? This is the Doflamingo FC Aka The best Villain in OP Rules: 1. No Bitchass Goofys allowed. 2. Always pay respect to Doflamingo. Members 😈👑...
  10. Don DaSlayer

    Powers & Abilities Why is FS so overratted

    We saw what happend in the last chapter to Luffy.:kayneshrug:
  11. Don DaSlayer

    Questions & Mysteries What would You guys do if Zoro kills Kaido?

    Will u drop OP?:pepedoffy:
  12. Don DaSlayer

    General & Others Who’s the most disappointing Supernova post TS?

    You can’t include Luffy,Zoro or The Goat known as Urouge. 1. Eustas Kidd. He was fckg hyped up by Oda pre TS to be Luffy’s rival. He has been in the New W orld for 2 years and has only taken L’s. Luffy has been in the New World for like 1 month and he got a bounty of 1.5 B Kidd in 2 years went...
  13. Don DaSlayer

    General & Others Who is the most overrated character in OP?

    Imo it has to be Shanks.:kata:
  14. Don DaSlayer

    Powers & Abilities What is Shanks?

    Is Shanks a swordman or a hakiman? If he is a swordsman then why isn't he the WSS? If he is a hakiman doesn't that make then everyone that uses haki a hakiman?
  15. Don DaSlayer


    Used to be in the oj and now im here. my fav op characters are zoro, Kizaru, Marco and Sanji