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  1. AdmiralKinyagi

    General & Others Between Big Mom, Kaido, and Blackbeard, who's crew would you most want to be a part of?

    Was originally gonna include Whitebeard and Shanks's crews, but it's pretty obvious everyone would choose those two over the above three.
  2. AdmiralKinyagi

    Powers & Abilities 15 Finger Sukuna's Best Feat Analyzed. Why It's More Impressive Than You Think.

    Sukuna mid diffed Mahoraga. To understand why this is insane, we need to revisit some JJK lore. Megumi said that no Ten Shadows User had ever defeated Mahoraga. Why is this important you ask? Well, Gojo said that in the past that a Ten Shadows User defeated a Gojo clan member with Six Eyes...
  3. AdmiralKinyagi

    Powers & Abilities 15 Finger Sukuna vs Yuta Okkutsu

    Given that the current arc seems to be heading there, how do people see this fight playing out? As a resident Sukuna-stan, I think you can guess my answer.
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    Character Discussion Strong Evidence for Mihawk's Origins. The Math Actually Checks Out.

    The math: Mihawk is 43 Post TS. Shakky is 64 Post TS. Rayleigh is 78 Post TS. Shakky and Rayleigh being his parents at 35 and 21 checks out. Edit: @HA001 pointed out that Shakky retired about 40 years ago, around the time Mihawk would have been born.
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    Anime & Manga Franky displayed Yonko/Admiral level AP before Luffy and Zoro

    Franky melted Wapol Metal with his laser. Whitebeard couldn't break Wapol Metal with his punches. Big Mom was scared of tanking his laser: Franky's lasers are superior to Pacifisata lasers, which are literally the same as the lasers Kizaru shoots. Franky also has a lightsaber. It's time to...
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    General & Others Boichi confirms Ace vs Jimbei was a draw

    Some people have been saying Ace won since Jimbei fell first. Well, that's now confirmed cap.
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    Character Discussion Would you like Zoro to lose Enma before Wano end?

    Not an agenda thing. I feel like Enma overshadows Zoro's other swords and even Zoro himself. I feel like, from a narrative perspective, I would like Zoro to master Enma, be able to emit the same amount of haki with his other swords, and then Enma breaks. TLDR; I want Enma to help Zoro become...
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    Ranking the Soulsborne-Sekiro Games

    I would like to preface this by saying that I’ve played all of these games. I’ve defeated literally every boss in all of them. All of the main game bosses, all of the dlc bosses, the Shura ending bosses in Sekiro, and even the bull shit co-op bosses in Dark Souls 2. I have over 100 hours in...
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    Future Events How would you feel if the marines got offscreened by Blackbeard

    A while ago, like during the Dressrosa years, someone told me they thought Blackbeard would destroy Marine HQ and defeat Sakazuki while Luffy was fighting the Yonko. I was re-reading chapters 956 + 957, and I was reminded of their theory during the Blackbeard portion. It’s worth noting that...
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    Powers & Abilities Respect Jogo

    Oh boy am I about to go off here. First of all, I've been seeing a lot of group Jogo in with Dagon or put him below Mahito when: Jogo also stated during Shibuya that he only respected Mahito because of his potential, not his strength. We've also seen Mahito, Hanami, and Dagon struggle with...
  11. AdmiralKinyagi

    Powers & Abilities Sukuna is WAY more hax than you think

    It's been stated that Sukuna's dismantle can affect anything without cursed energy, and cleave can affect anything with cursed energy. This means that Sukuna can literally blow anything with or without cursed energy to smithereens. This is far far more deadly than Mahito's idle transfiguration...
  12. AdmiralKinyagi

    Powers & Abilities Toji is the most overrated character in the series

    TOJI IS EXTREMELY OVERATED Gojo would literally have one shot him if he had domain expansion. That version of Gojo didn't even have full control of infinity and couldn't even use red. It is also re-iterated literally 3-4 times that Dagon's instant hit wasn't working when Toji was in that...
  13. AdmiralKinyagi

    Powers & Abilities Marineford-style Haki Weirdness/Inconsistencies in the Onigashima Raid

    There are many scenes in Marineford that don’t make sense due to Haki developments in the post time skip. Two quick examples from the top of my head: - Why didn’t Jinbei using hardening when he attacked Akainu? - Why didn’t Doffy lace his string with haki and kill crocodile? - Why was the...
  14. AdmiralKinyagi

    Powers & Abilities Power Creep and Story Inconsistencies

    After chapter 1000, I’m entirely convinced that One Piece is going down the same route as Dragon Ball and Naruto where the power creep for the main characters gets way too out of hand. Am I overreacting or are my concerns legitimate?
  15. AdmiralKinyagi

    Powers & Abilities Proof that Sukuna > Gojo

    Getou literally regards Sukuna as a contingency for dealing with Gojo. Gojo can't even break this man's fingers.
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    Speculations Who has a higher bounty, Kuzan or Mihawk?

    Mihawk is probably stronger, but Kuzan is probably more privy of government secrets. Thoughts?
  17. AdmiralKinyagi

    Am I allowed to call myself a "pro" at Sekiro?

    Here's me beating Inner Isshin, widely considered the hardest boss, with one gourd and no ressurections. I've beaten every boss rush and gotten every achievement, but I didn't use the demon bell and I had Kuro's charm. Am I allowed to call myself a "sekiro pro" or is this being overzealous?
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    Character Discussion Temper your expectations for the warlord bounties

    With the exception of Mihawk, none of the Shichibukai will have bounties anywhere close to a billion.
  19. AdmiralKinyagi

    Break Week Kaido lifts up Marineford. What happens?

    Hypothetical scenario, we replace WB with Kaido, and instead of heaven and earth shaker Kaido lifts the island. What happens?
  20. AdmiralKinyagi

    Speculations The Alliance Will Fail, But Tama Will Help Everyone Escape Using Her Power

    This idea came to me when she ran off with Nami and Usopp. Thoughts?