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    Versus Battle Keisha vs Shin

    15k vs 15k, Shin wins for sure. In a grand scale war I give the nod to HSU because of the subs, but on an even playing field, i'd say they're even. I'd have keisha in charge of a huge army over shin though
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    Versus Battle Kochou and his army vs Heavenly Kings

    With no Renpa, i give this to Kochou. He's very underestimated.
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    Versus Battle Gyou’Un vs Sen To'Un

    I always interpreted the "how long has it been since my last match with Man'U" as meaning something long had it been since they both competed and defeated the enemy in front of them. However IIRC the states they were from, were worst enemies IIRC. So surely they did clash?
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    Versus Battle Seika's commanders vs Juuko's four

    At this moment in time, it has to be Juuko. We are still somewhat guessing as to the true strength of Kansaro but even still, Man'U is the difference here. You are looking at a genuine, Q6 level monster. He beats whatever is in front of him and 3 of the 4 Seika commanders would happily duel him...
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    We Have Severely Underestimated Kanki

    Tbf he's also the only Q6 that could have pulled off the victory against Kochou.
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    751- A One Second Difference

    He's tried hard to make Riboku the sympathetic figure a bit, but make no mistake it's still Riboku that has defeated a Q6 guy and killed 150k Qin soldiers in just two days, whilst also controlling the movements of Ousen.
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    Spoiler General Kingdom Spoiler

    I was so confident and hopeful that this theory was accurate. Guess it's still a small possibility. Sigh.
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    So what do Gohoumei/Karin do now?

    Now that Qin just lost Kanki and about 150k soldiers, what do you think Wei/Chu will decide to do?
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    Would Moubu/Yotanwa/Tou/Ousen have pushed forward like Kanki did?

    As the title suggests. Stage 1: When the equal commander is crippled and must stay behind. Stage 2: When the Northern Qin army was crippled What do the other Q6 guys do here?
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    Versus Battle Leftovers battle : Kin Mou and Gaku Ei vs KoHakuKou and Ryuu Fu

    I don't believe Ryuufu is a general, or at least he's odds on to be a weaker general than Kinmou/Gakuei. I go with Keisha's subs.
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    Controversial Let’s Fix Hara’s Drunken Stat System

    Gokei can be a mistake for sure - albeit again that'd be somewhat easy to explain (stayed with the lord of the warring states + FD's were a retcon, as Gokei was in stats book 1). SHK also beat Watagi with brains. But of course if you wanna say SHK should be a bit stronger (or DJ a bit weaker)...
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    Controversial Let’s Fix Hara’s Drunken Stat System

    Objectively, do you think Hara would get Hakuki's stat wrong by almost double figure levels? Hakuki is one of the most iconic figures irl and a contender for being the most hyped General ever. Can Hara possibly make such a fuck up? If you wanted to debate 2,3, 4 points then fair enough, but...
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    Controversial Let’s Fix Hara’s Drunken Stat System

    A 93 is fine, but remember a martial general or someone who can do special things on the battlefield is basically 85+. What that page tells us is that Koshou was the only like...nerd. Think GHM, RSJ etc. 1679004156 I did respond at the end of that thread but there is such a huge reach between...
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    Controversial Let’s Fix Hara’s Drunken Stat System

    Why is Hakuki given a late 90 str? Absolutely nothing to suggest that.
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    We Have Severely Underestimated Kanki

    huh? The spoilers actually point to the exact opposite lol. Even read the statements by Kanki himself. I absolutely prefer the character of Kanki but there is some really weird interpretations here that go dead against what we've seen. Look beyond how 'cool' Kanki is. Focus on the results, the...
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    Rules Kingdom General Discussion

    I believe both Bananji and Gyou'un are above Kaishibou in a duel. In offensive power or brute strength, it's a genuine debate. I'd have Kaishibou with less skill, largely based on stats. We can debate their accuracy, but when it's all we have as a comparison, then something is better than nothing.
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    Rules Kingdom General Discussion

    He was definitely talking about physical power, not skill/overall talent. 1678055743 Nah, Gyou'un kept his talons sharp, just like Ouki did when he retired for 7-8 years. We saw how Gaimou/Earl Shi were very much in their physical peaks (not mental, for earl shi), and they did nothing but rot...
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    We Have Severely Underestimated Kanki

    I wouldn't really say he's the weakest in an individual war. He can certainly pull of incredible feats that no one else is capable of. I also think his army is strong, it's just built a little differently. Raido might be the #1 commander in rank, but we know it's Zenou who does the primary...
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    Seika Army Stats - Thoughts and Predictions

    I think you've been a little harsh on the leadership stats. Kaishibou, Rinko, Kyouen, Shunsuiju, Bananji, Chougaryu all have 90 for that, as does Rokuomi. It's what i'm looking at as a measuring stick. But hey, you could well be right. Gaimou, Rinbukun etc are 85 (which i think is very harsh).