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    Future Events Who are the 3 straw hat most likely to die at the EOS ?

    1. Luffy 2. The captain of the strawhats 3. That one kid with the face scar and a straw hat
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    Future Events Contra Zoro vs King

    Did you tag every user on the site? Because I am really confused how the hell I got tagged
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    Speculations What mythical fish do think Kaido's fruit is?

    My best guess at this point is the ryujin but that is definitely in no way a fish.
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    Speculations What mythical fish do think Kaido's fruit is?

    Because I've got no idea, none of the mythological japanese fish I can find info on seem to fit well.
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    Questions & Mysteries Dumbest One Piece Theories You've Ever Heard/Seen

    All of the Monet crap that people spewed for years
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    How much do you weigh?

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    One Piece Chapter 960 Spoilers Discussion

    I'm sure Boa Hancock would love it.
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    Powers & Abilities Why doesn’t Luffy use gear stacking instead of G4?

    If I remember correctly he only removed the drawback to g2 by limiting it to whatever limbs he is using at the time, and I'm not sure he can do that while using g3 yet considering that his control still isn't very good.
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    I feel like I probbably should have done this when I made my account in August

    So yeah, I used to lurk on OJ and now I lurk here.
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    Questions & Mysteries Where did the 40000 men come from?

    Maybe Big Mom made a shitload of homies.
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    General & Others Misconceptions on Wedding Cake

    YES PLEASE!!! There's no way Sanji is that strong.