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  1. soultrain

    One Piece Chapter 1082: "Let’s Go and Claim It!“

    will we know soon who won between Garp and Aokiji? Will we know soon everything that happened at the Reverie? I have my doubts this is getting relly tiresome
  2. soultrain

    Character Discussion Do you really like Shanks and why

    I am curious about him, but that's it. I don't like or dislike him. He needs to have more panel time for me to make that kind of conclusion
  3. soultrain

    General & Others BEST fight ever in One Piece

    for me it is Zoro vs Mihawk. A true reality check for Zoro. We got to see how far he was from his goal and it was pretty far. Also it was nice display of power from Mihawk
  4. soultrain

    General & Others The Absolute Peak of One Piece: Your Favorite Chapter

    795 is my favorite. the introduction and panel of Kaido were badass. from time to time, I go back to read it again
  5. soultrain

    Character Discussion Xebec was the Buggy of Old Era

    where did this idea come from?
  6. soultrain

    Character Discussion Akainu Sigma Appreciation Thread

    I know this was kind of a troll post, but I really enjoyed it. Akainu is a really impressive character and I miss seeing him in action
  7. soultrain

    Character Discussion Who was your LEAST favourite of the original 7 Warlords?

    Moria. the only interesting thing about him was that he met Kaido
  8. soultrain

    Questions & Mysteries Assuming Kaido is dead...

    Kaido will come out of the lava a changed man. While Oden was able to resist being boiled alive for 1 hour, Kaido tanks lava for days after being defeated by Joyboy. He will feel accomplished, at peace and willing to live. I don't know if I believe what I just said. but a character escaping...
  9. soultrain

    One Piece Chapter 1057: Final Curtain

    this is one of the worst chapters I've ever read in my life. The only one I recall being such a bore was that one in Dressrossa where 15 pages were spent with people pushing the cage. But let's dive into the present: - Half the chapter was made of useless flashbacks of things still fresh in our...
  10. soultrain

    General & Others As the Arcs Progress is Post Timeskip getting Better or Worse?

    I am kinda surprised to see this result in the poll. Fishman Island, Punk Hazard and Dressrossa were the absolute worst for me. Dressrossa was the only arc that made me stop reading every week and I legit considered dropping One Piece. At least until it was over. I think things got better since...
  11. soultrain

    Powers & Abilities What is your favorite One Piece Attack?

    I'll go by which ones sound cooler: Zoro: 360 pound ho shishi sonson ichidai sanzen daisen sekai Akainu: ryusei kazan
  12. soultrain

    Powers & Abilities Bet theard - Ryokugyu's DF type

    logia also does that. Just remember what Aokiji and Akainu did to Punk Hazard. And for people saying that plants couldn't be logia. I think it could. He could be like Swamp Thing from DC comics. Just a plant elemental that regenerates if damaged. It remains to be seen if he only generates...
  13. soultrain

    Break Week It must be great to be a Luffy fan

    cool. I haven't read Boku no Hero yet, but this is all ok, since most of the shonen MC are pretty similar and I bet many people are really tired of this formula. Luffy is actually the one I don't mind. I like him, to be honest. My worst 3 I believe are: Meliodas, Ichigo and Seiya. Naruto and...
  14. soultrain

    General & Others Who are your favorite One Piece youtubers?

    King of lightning cause he is funny as fuck
  15. soultrain

    Future Events If Luffy surpass / beat Kaidou decisively, is One Piece still exciting?

    I don't think that Luffy has to always be the underdog for the fight to be exciting. We are now going to follow the strongest character in the verse. I think that is pretty cool. He is going to fight guys with trickier powers, like Blackbeard, so he is still going to have a challenge. Also that...
  16. soultrain

    One Piece Chapter 1049: The World you wish for

    damn, bros. it has happened... so Kaido's imprisonments were all at a young age and he did it on purpose. did all his 7 defeats happen in that situation? Can we now say Luffy is the strongest person in the world?
  17. soultrain

    Questions & Mysteries Zoro vs Mihawk's clash will divide Grandline?

    it will divide the whole fuckin world, making way for the sequence Two Piece
  18. soultrain

    Chapter Discussion Oda is good at writing lore but weak at fighting panels

    damn, I love how Oda draws fights. He has a nice way of drawing impact. But... to each their own
  19. soultrain

    Future Events Kaido joins the war against WG?

    nah, I'm not talking about Kaido joining the strawhats. Just that he would rain death to the gorosei in the final war. Anyway, Luffy can be pretty forgiving