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  1. raptorking

    Powers & Abilities Among the 5 Which Powerup is the coolest?

    ifrit jambe and demonio and king of hell for me.
  2. raptorking

    One Piece Episode 1058 - The Onslaught of Kazenbo - Orochi's Evil Clutches Close in

    i really hate to say it since im a big fan of zoro but yeah, that tatsumaki was just zoro kicking up dust. it was LAME!
  3. raptorking

    Character Discussion Do you like Sabo?

    he is cool. but i hope hes ok too
  4. raptorking

    One Piece Episode 1054 - Death to Your Partner! Killer's Deadly Gamble

    and now, im ready for some asskicking from sanji and zoro. go wings of the pirate king. kickass in all your awesome glory guys.
  5. raptorking

    One Piece Chapter 1,076: " Old Friends "

    man oh man, its awesome to see the legendary giant battle bros dory and brogy after all this time! its going to be cool when they and luffys crew meet up again. its going to be GIGANTIC! and wow, kidd vs shanks! bring it on in the next few weeks. im ready for serious battles and heartwarming...
  6. raptorking

    One Piece Episode 1052 - The Situation Has Grown Tense! The End of Onigashima!

    yeah it was ok. not too exciting as we hoped huh?
  7. raptorking

    One Piece Chapter 1,075: " Labo Phase Death Game "

    oh man, i love shocked and unnerved and unimpressed faces on one piece.
  8. raptorking

    One Piece Episode 1023 - Preparations OK! Chopperphage Nebulizer

    eh 3 stars out of five is good. better than being zero.
  9. raptorking


    you know what? it doesnt matter. all that matters is that oda has a nice rest. c u in a month oda san. infact it has been a good ride with all of you guys. all stay safe and see u in a month as this is the calm before the storm afterall. Later all and cheers. i leave you with an angry zoro ready...
  10. raptorking


    ugh. why did izo and ashura have to die? why no mourning scenes? wheres hyogoro? why no more badass scenes from zoro? so many plot holes and not enough tension apart from luffy vs kaido and zoro vs king. we needed more than whats been done. What about Orochi? wasn't zoro going to get revenge...
  11. raptorking

    Powers & Abilities Is Sanji's Raid Suit gone for good?

    everone saw him smash it during his resolve reguarding genma.
  12. raptorking


    that will be very cool and heartwarming.
  13. raptorking

    One Piece Chapter 1049: The World you wish for

    eh. it was one of the best, silliest, brutal, funniest and coolest fights i have ever read.
  14. raptorking

    One Piece Chapter 1047: The Sky Above the Capital

    hah. hilarious image there
  15. raptorking

    Speculations Oni Zoro

    do u think we might see oni zoro? if so, that would be cool.
  16. raptorking

    News One Piece Odyssey

    meh. i was hoping for new manga or anime info but never mind.
  17. raptorking

    One Piece Episode 1012 - A Turnaround Move! The Flames of Marco the Phoenix

    awesome episode. chopper and marco was great. and that introduction to ACE SAAAN! was awesome. had goosebumps with the big BOOM after ace smiled proves how legendary he is. and the first part of reintroducing ace was fiery cool. aswell as marco healing powers. i liked it.
  18. raptorking

    One Piece Episode 1011 - It's Not Okay!! The Spider That Lures Sanji

    it was a cool 2nd half to what could of been a sanji pervy episode but sanji is controlling it though so thats good. BUT, the best part was zoro's speech. it was powerful. And hit queen where it hurt. but the camera was in zoro's face when he explained about cutting up kaido. but apart from that...
  19. raptorking

    One Piece Episode 1010 - Eliminate the Ice Oni - Chopper's Fire Trick!

    i didnt like the ending with sanji closing and opening his visible eye. but anyway, I WANTED ZORO's EPIC SPEECH TO QUEEN! attaboy chopper. i wanted to see zoro's fury at queen about not messing round but at least it will be featured next episode. the green lion imagery when zoro attacked apoo...