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  1. Blackbeard Appraiser

    Powers & Abilities Make Your Own Devil Fruit

    Godzilla zoan fruit as Blackbeard's third and final fruit.
  2. Blackbeard Appraiser

    General & Others Which moment made you realize this character is your favourite?

    Blackbeard at Impel Down and Marineford. The way he patiently waited for his chance for years and made his moves when the time was right. Such a cool and terrifying character.
  3. Blackbeard Appraiser

    Character Discussion For now King has been disappointed

    King's moment in the story is still coming. Still very hyped for him/it/whatever being.
  4. Blackbeard Appraiser

    Thank you fellow appraiser of Blackbeard

    Thank you fellow appraiser of Blackbeard
  5. Blackbeard Appraiser

    General & Others Wano isn't ending until late 2023 - early 2024 (manga)

    Actually, that is a pattern. Act length = n*15+1 where n ∈ {1, 2, 3}. And it might be in the order of 1, 2, 3, 2, 1 because of symmetry. :quest:
  6. Blackbeard Appraiser

    Future Events Zoro's Unfinished Business With Kaido

    No doubt Zoro will confront or interact with Kaido in some way or another, but it is hard to tell how yet. I still believe in ZKK. Edit: You can add me in tag list, quality thread
  7. Blackbeard Appraiser

    General & Others The readers very low expectations (manga)

    I liked Queen's hybrid form is super cool Tama ordering fodder so the real fights can begin Chopper's side effect is hilarious Zoro being able to fight soon hype Jinbei vs. Who's who backstory + fight The hybrid form of Who's who is badass as well Origins of Gomu Gomu No fruit So there you go...
  8. Blackbeard Appraiser

    Break Week Oda's terrible sense of basic, fundamental power level writing

    Male 25 btw, and I can enjoy some Tama chapters as much as I can enjoy an epic battle. I like the series as a whole. Are you happy now?
  9. Blackbeard Appraiser

    Break Week Oda's terrible sense of basic, fundamental power level writing

    What does my age or gender has to do with your thread? I just replied to your comment to give an alternative view of things and you are getting personal? Are you gonna follow this up with another "LMFAO I will block you for not having the same opinion as me and discussing with me on a discussion...
  10. Blackbeard Appraiser

    Break Week Oda's terrible sense of basic, fundamental power level writing

    1) I can imagine Katakuri, Jack or Jinbei going against an opponent with a strange unknown power (Apoo for example) and needing help after their attack. Pretty much anything is possible in One Piece. 2) How do you know that it was a basic attack by Apoo, and why does that even matter? Perona's...
  11. Blackbeard Appraiser

    General & Others Does anyone here actually feels hyped anymore ?

    I am still very hyped about a lot of things and so are the vast majority of people here. These posts are ALWAYS from the same keyboard warriors who have nothing else to do than spread hate on these forums and seek attention.
  12. Blackbeard Appraiser

    General & Others Why you keep reading One Piece?

    I read One Piece because I enjoy reading it. I am still very very hyped about Blackbeard, Shanks, the final war, void century and One Piece of course. The story is still amazing (despite having some flaws in it) and I want to see how it all ends. One Piece isn't perfect but it is still the best...
  13. Blackbeard Appraiser

    Questions & Mysteries What will BlackBeard’s third devil fruit be?

    Blackbeard's 3rd devil fruit will be: Mythical Zoan, Model: Godzilla The king of monsters himself. Called it here first for future reference. :zehaha: