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  1. Valtiel

    Powers & Abilities Shiryu of the Rain aint losing to Garp

    I hope not. don't want to see an important member of the crew being humiliated so soon. garp is apparently half as strong as he was but still...
  2. Valtiel

    The baiting Room

    une photo d'une vraie fille avec d'aussi gros seins, ce serait mieux :stealthblack:
  3. Valtiel

    The baiting Room

    la france est finito de toute façon, ainsi que le reste de l'europe de l'ouest.
  4. Valtiel

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1054 Spoilers Discussion

    i'm disappointed to see greenbull facing the scabbards. denjiro and the two dukes are quite strong but far below top tier level... only yamato is able to defend herself properly against greebull. there is nothing to hype or dehype greenbull in this chapter. this fight is just a waste of time.
  5. Valtiel

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1054 Spoilers Discussion

    failing to stop rev commanders from rescue kuma is not the same thing that to have be defeated by them
  6. Valtiel

    Questions & Mysteries Why do individual strength titles belong only to pirates?

    pirates will always be the strongest. roger, whitebeard, blackbeard, luffy eos... no admirals will ever match their strength
  7. Valtiel

    Guess a chara

    the overlord
  8. Valtiel

    Character Discussion Admirals vs Yonko - Which do you like more

    Akainu: B+ Whitebeard: B Aokiji: B Kaido: D Kizaru: A Big Mom: E Fujitora: B Shanks: C+ Ryoukugyu: A Blackbeard: A Sengoku: C+ Buggy: C
  9. Valtiel

    General & Others Pick your Yonko Commanders if you were a Yonko.

    YC1- Magellan YC2 - Jozu YC3 - Cracker YC4 - Burgess
  10. Valtiel

    Break Week imagine thinking Sanji will fight an admiral

    during wano, I was one of those who thought that sanji was only going to beat a tobbi roppo (the strongest one) and reach YC1 level Eos. but since his power up and his clear victory over queen, I believe it is quite possible that he could reach admiral level. against blackbeards pirates, i...
  11. Valtiel

    Character Discussion Why Vista and Jozu can be argued to be / are stronger than queen and king

    I agree. Joz > Queen > Jack And i think Vista is even stronger that joz. I wouldn't be surprised if he was able to compete with marco or king. beast pirates was really disappointing.
  12. Valtiel

    Character Discussion Is Yamato a male or female?

    yamato is female and adult females humans are called women. gender spectrum is just fantasy.
  13. Valtiel

    Powers & Abilities Kaido's Dragon is his awakening.

    No... Uo Uo no Mi, moderu Seiryū his dragon form is not his awakening.
  14. Valtiel

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1049 Spoilers Discussion

    i still hope we will see kaido's awakening but this fight is so trash that it probably wouldn't be a good idea. :kriwhat:
  15. Valtiel

    The baiting Room

    kizaru know what is good :steef:
  16. Valtiel

    The baiting Room

    King is an awakened zoan and he's not defeated yet :josad: