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  1. HeroesNZ

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1085 Spoilers Discussion

    Idk bro Sabo might be safe if he got jumped by the Gorosei and came out with a couple bandages 😗 Fuji looking more sus rn :specialmeh:
  2. HeroesNZ

    Episode Discussion My only problem in Zoro vs King finale in the anime

    Honestly this was one of the best single episodes of One Piece ever and the best animation of any anime this year - I'll cut them some slack
  3. HeroesNZ

    Questions & Mysteries Who tastes better, King or Queen?

    Well shit I'mma be the first to say it I guess ...Pause 😭
  4. HeroesNZ

    Speculations Who will defeat Crocodile?

    I don't see why Crocodile would need to be defeated, Cross Guild is probably gonna win. Buggy will become Pirate King and achieve his ambitions. He'll get skirmishes and clashes but I really don't see Crocodile being KOed and defeated again. If anything I only see Ws in his future.
  5. HeroesNZ

    Future Events Disillusionment vs Dreams - what 1082 means for Mihawk's character

    :cheers: People laugh at Buggy but he possesses a similar power to Luffy. He draws people to his side, and Buggy is the catalyst that will light a fire up Mihawk and Crocodile's asses once again.
  6. HeroesNZ

    Character Discussion Mihawk is a Clown

    Mihawk doesn't live on Empty Bluffs island. ...He lives in your heads rent free lmfao. Buggy has greater ambition than Whitebeard too - PK level Buggy confirmed 🥹 Kuma and King stated WSS is an impressive dream/kingly ambition. Mihawk completed it - he's done bro he's completed life. There is...
  7. HeroesNZ

    Character Discussion Mihawk's quiet life

    Mihawk's only interested in being the strongest swordsman. The strongest swordsman after him and long-term rival no longer interests him after suffering a significant injury. Thus, he's been alone at the top for years and he's bored as shit. So he sits on his island or travels around on a solo...
  8. HeroesNZ

    Break Week How was it advantageous for Mihawk to postpone?

    It's very simple. Mihawk wasn't using advanced haki on MF. As a top-tier swordsman, advanced haki accounts for most of his strength. Advanced haki can cut Kaido and lunarians whilst Jozu and Daz blocked Mihawk's slashes so we don't know if he was using haki at all. Mihawk was also not trying...
  9. HeroesNZ

    Character Discussion If Zoro didn’t exist would Mihawk have any fans?

    Nah if Zoro didn't exist Mihawk would still have stans because of Mihawk vs Shanks. Shanks is a character who is designed to be popular, so people would stan Mihawk and preach Mihawk > Shanks simply as a fuck you to a character we're 'supposed' to love. Everybody loves an underdog. Otherwise...
  10. HeroesNZ

    Current Events Buggy is an integral part of Cross Guild

    Yeah Mihawk and Crocodile need Buggy, that's why they were so annoyed when he told the crew they're going for One Piece
  11. HeroesNZ

    Chapter Discussion Why didn’t Posthawk mention Kuzan?

    Ngl you reaching further than Luffy with this one buddy
  12. HeroesNZ

    General & Others Thoughts On Oda’s Cross Guild Idea?

    Cross Guild is like a Marvel crossover, some of the best characters in one faction
  13. HeroesNZ

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1082 Spoilers Discussion

    So is Buggy. Your point? So he and his crew went around beating up randoms tryna steal his territories - wow, super impressive stuff. You mean Whitebeard rivalled Roger right? Didn't Mihawk rival Shanks? In fact, wasn't Mihawk placed above Shanks in a direct comparison? So, your point?
  14. HeroesNZ

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1082 Spoilers Discussion

    You do know fighting Kaido/BM for territories doesn't actually mean he was fighting Kaido and BM in person right? Nothing suggests WB fought Kaido nor BM post-Rocks. Kaido is the man who killed Oden and you think WB wouldn't take him out if he had the chance on some random island? WB didn't...
  15. HeroesNZ

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1082 Spoilers Discussion

    Whitebeard gave no fucks about PK and was the strongest. His goal was to protect his family. Mihawk's goal is to live peacefully and remain the strongest swordsman. What does fighting 2 random Yonko and his old rival have to do with that? We know Mihawk likes a challenge because he challenged...
  16. HeroesNZ

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1082 Spoilers Discussion

    All Mihawk wants is a peaceful life and y'all clowning him for it 😂 :pepehands: Mihawk is the most unproblematic dude in the manga. He doesn't provoke anyone, he really just be chilling alone on his island. All of a sudden he's got a million marines swarming his island so he leaves and forms...
  17. HeroesNZ

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1082 Spoilers Discussion

    Lmfao Cross Guild is the best thing to happen in One Piece since Marineford.