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    Chapter Discussion Jujutsu Kaisen, Chapter 225: Inhuman Makyo Shinjuku Showdown, Part 3

    If gojo really die here, how the fuck the others MC succeed in killing sukuna
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    Powers & Abilities Are the gorosei really zoan/mythical zoan?

    Imu had silhouette silhouette no mi, the gorosei is just his creation
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    Jujutsu Kaisen 221 Spoilers Images and Discussion Thread

    I feel like, both gojo and sukuna will fulfill what they're saying, gojo will win and making sukuna incapacitate so megumi will be back but he will die in the process like the family heads, after that bloodlust yuji and megumi will fight whatever the merger thing
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    Powers & Abilities The Only Valid Explanation of Galaxy lmpact..

    Lmao, one-piece fans trying so hard to explain all this nonsense oda did in his story, meanwhile oda probably just thinking bigger = stronger
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    Character Discussion Eustass 'Captain' Kid - Keep on rollin'

    Honestly, this one is pretty good, but idk, it's hard to believe oda would do something like this
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    Future Events Final predictions: Will Law get the Kid treatment ?

    Dude, law already damage teach, whatever happen of course it's fucking different, kid doesn't even touch shanks
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    Break Week If you're Kidd what do you do from here?

    Hide till the rest of the series, so oda will forgot him and stop embarrassing him again
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1079 Spoilers Discussion

    Honestly, if all this shanks hype end up being another hypetool for another character, fck oda
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1079 Spoilers Discussion

    It's fine guys, this is just a vision that kid saw with his future sight
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    One Piece Chapter 1,077: " Should have noticed sooner "

    Can oda stop drawing story about silhouette?
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    JJK 216 Spoilers

    How the fuck they defeat sukuna?
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    Powers & Abilities Did anyone realize how broken Bonney´s fruit is lol???

    Hax DF is sucks bro, it's always useless against top tier
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    JJK 204 Spoilers

    Lmao, choose becoming luffy and katakuri
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    JJK 203 Spoilers

    Domain expansion next week?
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    Spoiler One Piece Film "RED" Spoiler Discussion Thread.

    Wtf, oda really like shanks
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    JJK 191 Spoilers

    A wild naoya appears
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    Break Week Law should be killed to increase tension

    Not yet, but kinemon and kiku should be killed