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  1. Grumpy Zoro

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1006 Spoilers Discussion

    He did what he is best at and what is his job in the Now guess what Zoro's job is and what he's gonna do?
  2. Grumpy Zoro

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 993 Spoilers Discussion

    Yeah true...but it just feels like Kaido and BM power set is the same
  3. Grumpy Zoro

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 993 Spoilers Discussion

    Why is Oda making Kaido and BM so similar? Both super hard to damage Both have their crazy mode craving food/getting drunk Pretty much seems like same elemental powers No lie i think it's kinda lame...thought Kaido will be more like WB...df, weapon and whole lot of badass, but his df seems to...
  4. Grumpy Zoro

    Current Events Who was Hawkins talking about?

    it's somehow always all about the rubber jesus so gonna go with luffy
  5. Grumpy Zoro

    Fanclub Temple of The Grandmaster Zoro

    I wouldnt even mind a fight against Who's Who...dude has a badass design But only if he is proven YC lvl not just some empty hype
  6. Grumpy Zoro

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 988 Spoilers Discussion

    u guys dont want Sanji to use RS but he would be donzo right now without it anyway it's really a shame we got so many breaks...kills all the momentum
  7. Grumpy Zoro

    Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 986: My Name

    poor Killer doesnt even get to be in the background shot lmao Pretty nice chapter...things about to go crazy now
  8. Grumpy Zoro

    Speculations Sanji and Queen probably won't happen

    lol at Sanji getting rid of raid suit...yeah that's why Oda even prepared background for stealth black I just feel Sanji fans are setting themselves up for dissapointment But I actually hope he does fight Queen ...the crew needs to step up in a major way or they will just become a joke soon...
  9. Grumpy Zoro

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 986 Spoilers Discussion

    I like that Sunachi or however it's spelled made a return this chapter... Was this scabbards used often? And that's why momo saying it was dangerous?
  10. Grumpy Zoro

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 986 Spoilers Discussion

    lol King and Kaido getting stripped of their weapons just shows u OP is not a manga where character even if much much stronger are untouchable gods but u guys stay trolling and take every little shit as a power lvl argument
  11. Grumpy Zoro

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 986 Spoilers Discussion

    Oda just drawing Zoro and Kidd with a little dirt and blood haters: they about to pass out can u lot shut the fuck up u know this shit 99% wont affect either of them
  12. Grumpy Zoro

    One Piece Episode 934 - A Big Turnover! The Three-Sword Style Overcomes Danger!

    Jesus that was sweet Anime team knows its wano and eyes are on Zoro so they milk that shit and its the right move fuckin wish oda would too that shit was beast and over the top hype...exactly what gets you pumped up and how a fight with another SN should be
  13. Grumpy Zoro

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 985 Spoilers Discussion

    Orochi is the villain carrying this arc lol Oda would have to lose his mind to really kill him What would the two clowns in BM and Kaido do with their combined half brain power Not to mention Orochi was the one behind so much wrong shit that happened to Wano...going out like that just wouldnt...
  14. Grumpy Zoro

    Eos Sanji vs Mihawk

    And has the zenkai boost cause of the extreme diff fights while Sanji doesn't do training and no challenging fights hence even Oda decided to bring and external PU so that Sanji doesnt fall too much behind
  15. Grumpy Zoro

    Eos Sanji vs Mihawk

    Mihawk high diffs unless power lvls will get a little wonky later down the line and Zoro and others will go way above their initial goals in power
  16. Grumpy Zoro

    Questions & Mysteries 2nd Zoro flashback

    Exactly man...we just wanna know Same shit with the eye...people say its just new design choice by Oda, but why doesn't he just clear it up in SBS then? I'm 100% he still gets asked that a lot As for the topic: Chances of getting more Zoro origin seem very slim right now unfortunetely and...
  17. Grumpy Zoro

    Questions & Mysteries Could Zoro be a Kurozumi?

    lol right... i keep forgetting I guess your theory would be possible if Zoro himself doesn't know his origins? He doesn't seeem like a dude that would hide behind another name
  18. Grumpy Zoro

    Questions & Mysteries Could Zoro be a Kurozumi?

    Nahh... since as u said we didn't get any shit about Zoro's origins in like 80 chapters It's likely this won't play any part in Wano's plot. By now the most I expect is Oda dropping some more hints Zoro comes directly from Ryumma lineage
  19. Grumpy Zoro

    General & Others Where is Vista

    Well him and Mihawk said they should postpone their duel...maybe they had one later :zorothink: