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  1. Akagame

    Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 1093: Luffy Vs Kizaru

    The chapter is named "Luffy vs Kizaru" and we barely got any Luffy vs Kizaru. And now a break next week? lol wow
  2. Akagame

    General & Others One Piece Women Appreciation Thread

    Nico Robin is my 3rd favorite character in One Piece. Shanks #1 and Zoro #2. I'm a big fan of stoicism in anime/manga which each of those characters tend to convey.
  3. Akagame

    Current Events Alright who here actually thinks Luffy vs Kizaru will end in the next chapter 1093?

    We're not getting a real fight. Something will happen that pretty much off-screens it or postpones it to a later time. That's Oda's style, leave the people hanging and cut away to some other stuff that's not nearly as hyped right at the height of excitement or interest. Maybe next week we get a...
  4. Akagame

    Speculations The Fun Parts of One Piece Are Over

    One could say that the more serious endgame stuff is more fun to explore as a reader as opposed to the goofy bullshit Oda likes to draw most of the time. There's still plenty of adventure to come, just more mature adventuring, which I'm all for. Elbaf and Raftel are not the final 2 islands, I'm...
  5. Akagame

    One Piece Episode 1075 - 20 Years Worth of Prayers! Take Back Wano Country

    Man, I've never seen worse pacing in any other anime ever. OP has to be a WOAT anime at this point post time skip. I'm not even interested in the fight anymore. The pacing and flashbacks have completely ruined the entire G5 presentation for me. Like how many times do we have to go over the same...
  6. Akagame

    Speculations Why is Oda allergic to giving all the SHs 1v1 fights in an arc?

    She’s essential to the overall world building story, that’s why people are so interested in her. She’s the only main character who can read Poneglyphs, she’s going to play a big part in the reveal of the Void Century, the highest level of the World Govt is still after her, and she will probably...
  7. Akagame

    Speculations Why is Oda allergic to giving all the SHs 1v1 fights in an arc?

    It’s too late at this point, we’re at the point in the manga where all the SH’s are not strong enough to face most of the villains that will come between now and EOS. Usopp, Nami, Brook, Chopper and Franky (somewhat) are reserved for the fodder now. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nico Robin, and Jimbei...
  8. Akagame

    ONE PIECE Live Action - Episodes Discussion Thread

    So how long is this series expected to go? Until the end of the Alabasta arc? Enies Lobby? No way they keep making seasons until the entire manga is adapted. I'd be floored if there are 20+ seasons of the live-action. Imagine getting a live action version of G4 or G5 haha.
  9. Akagame

    Controversial Yall who says Elbaf is next arc

    I have no interest in an Elbaf Arc. Going to Elbaf means that Oda will be drawing a bunch of goofy ass giants with terrible character designs. Don't we have enough of that in One Piece? Years of build-up like Wano had just for it to be a disappointment. Imagine if Oda takes that as an...
  10. Akagame

    Character Discussion Oda approved THIS? Mihawk fans are finished....

    Lol its the live action who cares. The reality is that Shanks beats Mihawk mid-high diff.
  11. Akagame


    Luffy vs Kizaru is gonna slap! Does Luffy go straight into G5 or start off with Snakeman? I hope Oda goes forward with a full Zoro vs Lucci fight. Seeing Zoro take him down in under 2 chapters would be awesome.
  12. Akagame

    One Piece Chapter 1090: "Admiral Kizaru"

    Sucks when you get an early chapter because then you don't get one at the regular time :lusalty: My weekly One Piece dopamine hit happened too early
  13. Akagame

    One Piece Episode 1072 - The Ridiculous Power! Gear 5 in Full Play

    Not gonna lie, I actually liked the anime's depiction of Gear 5. They could definitely tone it down some on the sound effects after this, but all around I think they did a great job, especially for "Gomu Gomu no Gigante" which I thought came off well. Much better than the last episode.
  14. Akagame

    One Piece Episode 1071 - 𝕃𝕦𝕗𝕗𝕪'𝕤 ℙ𝕖𝕒𝕜 - 𝔸𝕥𝕥𝕒𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕕! 𝔾𝕖𝕒𝕣 𝟝

    Bruh if you're gonna do a final battle then dedicate the entire episode to it the right way. This was half-assed. The G5 transformation itself was incredible, the music and the drums were on point, but you could barely see the toon attacks. There was way too much going on and everything just...
  15. Akagame


    What a nothing chapter lol. Then another break next week? Sheesh.
  16. Akagame

    Speculations Luffy vs Kizaru will parallel Luffy vs Kata

    Im not the biggest Luffy fan but come on. G5 is a broken ability that is strong enough to curb stomp any of the Admirals 1v1. Luffy’s powers are seriously gonna need to be nerfed eventually. Akainu’s strongest magma attack can’t be that much stronger than Kaido’s volcanic dragon form where he...
  17. Akagame

    Character Discussion Why do people hate Coby?

    I hate whiny characters, which is the epitome of Coby.
  18. Akagame

    Future Events Avalo Pizzaro is Sanji's opponent from Blackbeard Pirates

    Its so funny how you guys make thread titles that come off like you're absolutely certain that something will go this or that way when its just an opinion. I thought you had some kind of real proof.
  19. Akagame

    Character Discussion Coby The Hero is the new Garp and future rival of Pirate King

    Future rival of the PK? That sounds like some shit writing to me. Coby shouldn't have anywhere near that kind of level of importance in the OP world. He sucks. I hate when Oda creates these whiny characters. He's on the same bottom tier level as Usopp or Otama to me.