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    Is Baki worth reading/ watching..??

    Just as the topic says, is Baki worth reading/ watching..?? All the series I've been following has been either completed or all caught up. So, I want something to Binge watch/ read. Any suggestions on that. I've completed/ caught up on the following series; -One Piece (Of course):wellwell...
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    HxH.. Should I read manga?

    I recently finished the anime of HxH and wondering if I should jump off to reading the manga. But, I've read somewhere in the internet that the author has virtually dropped the project and the story will not be finished likely. It will be such a same cause it had so much uncharted territory and...
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    Questions & Mysteries What If Oden..

    Ok guys, this is my first official thread creation here and I can’t believe how this thread hasn’t been made already. So here goes- Oden already knew something was off in his island while dropping off his wife and kids. When Oden left Roger’s crew to return his home land Rayleigh asks him if he...