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  1. Afroking

    Speculations Is Hitetsu actually Sukiyaki?

    Before I begin,Apologies for the structure of this,along with the language . Like the title says ,there is a kind of "old" theory out there that says "Hitetsu "Isn't the one who he says he is,but rather Kozuki Sukiyaki and the theory got a new info backing it up. Starting with the newest...
  2. Afroking

    Sticky note for spoilers and hints of them.

    As per the title ,a note needs to be put in place for a warning to users. For multiple chapters now , people go outside of the spoiler thread and hint at stuff from the upcoming chapter without outright spoiling be it in arena or the manga discussion subforum. 2 threads already "revamped" in...
  3. Afroking

    Speculations BMP won't partcipate at the Onigashima fight. Linlin "betrayal".

    Don't where to put it really,so I just created a thread for it. Feel free to move it. Now,as per the title,I don't think the BMP will partcipate in the war. When they learn about the port it will be too late for the alliance between the two crews. There isn't any profound reason right now and...