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    General & Others Why does anybody think Zoro will fight Mihawk after Nasujuro?

    From a plot standpoint it wouldn't make sense for Mihawk as he currently is to be Zoro's final fight. The WG is the ultimate adversary that needs to be defeated. Blackbeard can become that as well. Mihawk doesn't really fit with either party right now. Symbolically, there's certainly a lot you...
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    Controversial Is there any Shounen with a better World Building than One Piece?

    HunterxHunter is way better. It helps that Togashi actually explores the world outside of Gon while Oda needs to shove Luffy into everything.
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    General & Others Why Zoro fans cant accept that Sanji Could be equal to Zoro?

    Sanji can be close, but he can't be Zoro's equal in battle prowess. Otherwise there is no point to Zoro's character. Won't stop Oda from baiting everyone though.
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    Character Discussion Why did Zoro’s lineage and Parentage go nowhere?

    Oda has no reason to properly develop Zoro. Put out some bait that likely goes nowhere, do the typical Zoro fanservice and watch the fans go nuts while he skims/cuts out everything else with Zoro while fans cope that these things will be addressed in the future. Gotta keep that status quo...
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    General & Others One piece chapter drawn by a different mangaka.

    A Murata version of Marineford and Onigashima would be mouth watering. Onigashima would still be dumb as shit regardless but the artwork would be magnifcent.
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    Speculations Mihawk to be revealed as a celestial dragon and Imu’s right hand man

    I also feel like this could be a possibility tbh. One thing that stands out to me is Mihawks sword literally means 'night'. With the Strawhats being the ones representing the dawn and the World Government representing the long night, I find naming Mihawks' sword Yoru a little curious (I also...
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    Break Week 4 years of Zoro's arc and OP sales at the lowest

    You could cut out most of Zoro's contributions in the arc and nothing much changes. Oda doesn't consider Zoro that important to the Wano arc, nor has he considered him a character worth delving into since post time skip.
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    General & Others The old days vs time skip

    I struggle to think of a too many moments post timeskip that reaches the heights of: -"I wanna live" -"Nothing happened" -Ace/Whitebeard death -Strawhats farewell to Vivi -Going Merry funeral -"Help Me" -"A man's dream will never die!" -Dr. Hiruluk's speech -Most of the Strawhats flashbacks...
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    General & Others Which arc is better: Fishman Island or Wano?

    Both arcs have a length issue, but most of FI's issue is due to said length(spending a lot of time on jobber enemies). Fix that and the arc becomes a lot better. Can't say the same for Wano. It has more way more "stuff" but it also has some of the worst writing I've seen in the series...along...
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    Questions & Mysteries Is Carrot on the Sunny

    She's practically being forced to take a role she's not interested in and her potential goodbye scene with the strawhats was off-screened. If she's not hiding on the sunny and she doesn't join the crew Oda will have treated her faaaar worse than any "potential crewmember" I have seen lol. Here...
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    One Piece Chapter 1057: Final Curtain

    ...oda took a month break for this? :suresure:
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    Spoiler Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1057 Spoilers Discussion

    "kurozumi are born to burn" holy shit wtf Oda lmao. There has to be some deeper meaning with those words. Oda fell off but THAT BAD?
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    Controversial Which arc is worse: Fourth Great Ninja War vs Wano.

    Ninja war lost me when: -'Tobi' taunted all the kages and forced them to go to war with him even though they were clearly shown to be at odds with each other. Plus unless I'm mistaken he didn't really need to go to war to capture Naruto/Bee since all he needed was a portion of their tailed...
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    Questions & Mysteries Zoro's parentage

    You were right, but Oda surprised me even more by making his connection to Wano not mean much lol smh.
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    Questions & Mysteries Are you dissapointed how Oda portrayed Zoro, Mihawk , swordsmanship in an arc related to samurais ?

    No way, I love how the backstories of Zoro/Mihawk will almost certainly be skipped over in the manga so they can be content for SBS/Vivre Cards, making people spend more money if they want to learn more. Who else would develop their legacy characters in such a genius way but GODA!!!!!
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    Questions & Mysteries What Zoro achieved in Wano?

    typical powerscaling fanservice with embarrasing levels of character development. you know, par for the course for post time skip Zoro.
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    General & Others Just because Sanji had his own arc doesn’t mean Zoro will have one too

    Holy caps lock. But yeah, hard to imagine Zoro having his own arc when the author doesn't give a shit about the guy outside of fights, and even that's questionable.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1056 Spoilers Discussion

    bu-bu-but Ryumas grave. Knew oda would skip it lmao. He doesn't give a shit about Zoro. Maybe we'll learn about in an sbs if he cares enough.
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    Break Week Zoro fans vs AdmiraL fans, who took a bigger L this arc

    Everyone except Luffy fans (and maybe Law fans) took L's
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    General & Others How Many Chapters is Zoro vs Mihawk

    If Mihawk winds up legitimately preventing Luffy from the One Piece or attempts to prevent Luffy from, I dunno, beating the World Government, Zoro will fight him for around 3-4 chapters. If Mihawk has the same relevance he currently has, it'll last a few pages if not straight up off...