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    Character Discussion Thread for Pedro

    Like what we know that the last time we see pedro is at WCI blew himself to helped the crew. That mean much or less he is dead, but like Dr hiluluk said, "a man dies when he is forgotten". I dont want pedro to die, I dont want pedro to be forgotten. So I make this thread about the great things...
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    Speculations Beast pirate character design analysis

    I realized something in Beast Pirate design. It actually represents some arcs and clues for the next SHs. Or is it just my imagination? Sasaki : W7 Drake : marineford and maybe enies lobby too WW : alabasta and maybe enies lobby too Black maria : amazon lily, dressrosa, punk hazard P1 and...
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    Questions & Mysteries How and why is Big Mom has one of the red phoneglyph?

    The maker of the poneglyph is kozuki clan. I think they entrust the stones to ancient civilization allies to protect it We know the location of 3 red poneglyph (RP) is in zou, tottoland (WCI) and onigashima. But why? One of the red poneglyph is in zou and the minks tribe protect it. Kaido's RP...
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    Theory How tf pound is alive

    I know it's dissapointing that pound is still alive after get sliced by flaming glaive. Tbh man, I'm dissapointed too. But there's some interesting theory if you really give a mind to this. If you're the one that can't take that pound is still alive and hate this situation, im suggesting you...
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    Theory Hiyori's fighting style

    Hiyori as a kid is a tomboy girl. I believe she is also a fighter type. Hiyori is ready for a war. But why she gives zoro enma instead of using it for herself? We know that hiyori likes to do flying kick to momo in the past and it gives some hints about her fightng style. She does a. flying...
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    Theory Pedoro's dawn

    I'm not good at writing a theory. So I'll make it short and quick. But I warn you it might spoil the end of the story [/SPOILER]
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    Speculations Kaido is a ... ???

    Currently, I rewatch thriller bark arc and i might discover something about Kaido. So what do you think?