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  1. Extravlad

    Powers & Abilities Chinjao confirmed that Admirals all have Conqueror Haki

    In the midst of chapter 1010 and Yonko fans trying to downplay Admirals for not having conquerors unlike Yonko, let's take a look back at the discussion Luffy and Chinjao had at Dressrosa. Context : Chinjao asks Luffy what kind of King he wants to be and Luffy answers "King of the Pirates"...
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    Powers & Abilities Will we see more combined attacks like HAKAI in the future? From who?

    Possible duos -Roger/Rayleigh (flashback) -Xebec/WB (flashback) -Garp/Sengoku (flashback) -Sakazuki/Borsalino -Luffy/Zoro -Fuji/Ryokugyu -Mihawk/Shanks (if they somehow ally?)
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    Future Events Sanji will fight the CP0 Leader in Onigashima

    Why you may ask? 1. Sanji is currently headed towards either Yamato or the Scabbards, I think Yamato is the more likely option and Yamato has stated she wants to fight Kaido as Oden but she cannot go as long as she has MOMO with her. 2. Sanji wants to protect Momo, he will take over Momo so...
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    Future Events Wano is reaching It's climax in either 15 or 24 chapters.

    Since chapter 1004 Oda has been naming every chapter after an Alliance member or a Mugiwara. 1004 : Tama 1005 : Robin 1006 : Hyogoro 1007 : Chopper 1008: Asura Doji Oda will either make 15 more chapters (8 Strawhats, 7 allies) or go for 24 chapters (covering all the SHs and allies still...
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    Powers & Abilities Why is no one putting Kaido into question for his devil fruit receiving more hype than him. Is that only reserved to Zoro?

    Bigmom "You owe me a life debt for giving you that DF". Vegapunk : Literally tried to clone the DF on WG demand. CP0 : Relieved that the cloning was a failure cause they are afraid it would succeed and fall into someone's hands. That's some pretty insane hype for a Devil Fruit. I don't recall...
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    Speculations Was Rocks D. Xebec betrayed/abandoned his subordinates in God Valley?

    We are first explicitly told by Sengoku that most of the members of the ROCKS Pirates could NOT stand each other. They weren't friends and didn't like each other at all, which could imply that they refused to help each other out including their captain in the face of adversity Secondly we have...
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    Speculations Would the other Yonko have gone to Marineford?

    If one of their commanders was going to be executed? Given that Kaido hasn't done shit to retrieve Joker so far and just get drunk and cry about how It's a shame he got captured; Let's assume YAMATO is captured and about to be executed, would he go? Would Shanks go if it was Yasopp,Roo or...
  8. Extravlad

    Current Events Hybrid form Kaido hasn't even done anything yet and It's already overrated

    Gear Second was a MUCH bigger power boost than Lucci going from base to Hybrid form in EL. Base Lucci was mid-diffing Base Luffy while Hybrid Lucci and G2 Luffy were equal hell I'd even say Luffy was slightly stronger with g2. Drake's hybrid form hardly bumped him up a lot either. I see...
  9. Extravlad

    General & Others French translation of Ace novel doesn't say Kaido is the strongest in 1V1 or invincible and says WB is the strongest PIRATE in the world.

    I would love it if someone could find the RAW for the text so that we know who screwed up between VIZ and Glenat (french publisher for One Piece). Here is the French page about the Yonko "Whitebeard? That man is a legend, he was the ONLY ONE who could match Roger!" "No one surpasses him now...
  10. Extravlad

    Future Events Does Zoro even need to fight Shiliew at this point?

    He's gonna cut off Kaido's head and surpass Oden in the current arc. Zoro vs Shiliew will probably look like his fight vs Pica Shiliew will hide like a coward and eventually get oneshotted. Do we need to see this? What if Kuzan is truly allied with Blackbeard? Zoro vs Kuzan sounds a lot...
  11. Extravlad

    Current Events Franky,Robin and Chopper should all beat a Tobiroppo 1V1 in this arc

    Hear me out. You guys all expect Franky,Robin,Chopper,Nami,Brook and Usopp to fight 1V1 fights against BB pirates. BB who has lvl 6 prisoners and will have a crew even stronger than Kaido's. Yet they can't beat Tobiroppo even though we're nearing the end of the story? How does that make...
  12. Extravlad

    Character Discussion Are Kaido and Bigmom silver medalists ?

    Kaido and BM could never overcome Roger and later Whitebeard. There was Roger's era, then Whitebeard's but his death led to the throne wars with no Pirate being able to seize this era for himself yet. BM and Kaido are they silver medalists ?
  13. Extravlad

    Future Events Smoker will be close to Luffy's level the next time we see him

    He will receive the same power-up as Law is about to receive (manhandled by Doffy but will jump above YC2 by the end of this arc) Luffy said he wanted to fight him next time. Smoker will be a toptier by the end of this series you can bet on it.
  14. Extravlad

    General & Others Which group would you say is the more reliable source : Skull/Killer/Fodders or Bigmom,Sengoku,Doflamingo,Garp,Buggy and Akainu

    Just checking Given the general opinions on this sub I'd expect the 1st group to win by a landside.
  15. Extravlad

    Current Events Kaido/Bigmom are the equivalent of Oars/Moria and Wano is Post-Timeskip Thriller Bark.

    DR was PTS Alabasta featuring a manipulative Shichibukai taking over a Kingdom WCI was PTS Ennies Lobby, featuring a rescue mission to bring back a crewmate and an epic 1V1 between Luffy and a villain (Lucci/Katakuri) Wano is just Thriller Bark all over again, we have Bigmom who just like...
  16. Extravlad

    Character Discussion Luffy will never become a Yonko, he will become a "Great Pirate" which is a SUPERIOR TITLE.

    Throughout One Piece, Oda has bestowed many titles upon Pirates, Supernovas/Worst Generation/Silver-Medalists/Yonko with the greatest of them all being Pirateking. However there is another epithet that people barely ever mentions, because it is so rare and only TWO CHARACTERS have ever been...
  17. Extravlad

    Current Events Oda getting rid of boring/stupid subplots is the best thing about Wano so far

    Punk Hazard had the incredibly annoying kids running around everywhere which ended up featuring in so many panels that the Smoker/Vergo fight was off-paneled. I couldn't stand those kids and It's not like they only showed up late during the arc, they were consistently there from start to finish...
  18. Extravlad

    Future Events Who do YOU WANT to be One Piece's final villain

    Forget about commonsense, half the options in this poll are unlikely as hell This is about what you guys WANT and not what you think would happen
  19. Extravlad

    Character Discussion Smoker is far more similar to Garp than Coby will ever be, the bias against Smoker is what makes people deny these similarities

    -Garp has sworn he would chase Roger to the ends of the world. -Smoker has sworn he would chase Luffy to the ends of the world. -Cobby has never said anything about chasing Luffy or arresting him, he wants to become Admiral that's it -Garp has a lot of respect for Roger, but he doesn't like him...
  20. Extravlad

    Questions & Mysteries 995 chapters in and we only know 3 of the 12 Supreme Grade Swords, isn't that worrying?

    -Yoru (Mihawk) -Murakumogiri (Whitebeard) -Shodai Kitetsu (Unknown whereabouts) What other sword could possibly fill in the gaps and bring us to 12 Supreme Grade Swords? Rayleigh's sword? Gryphon (Shanks' Sword) ? Roger's sword? Issho's sword? Vista's blades? King's sword? Shiliew's sword...